21 February 2012

Sequel to "Amalek is alive and well..." Pt. 7

28 Shevat 5772

(Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3, Pt. 4, Pt. 5, Pt. 6)

(If you think you know how this series is going to end, think again. I did not even know how it was going to end until I got here.)

Did you know that Hitler was trying to get his hands on a nuclear weapon?

How close did Hitler really come to getting ‘the Bomb’?

The history books say the United States and Britain comfortably won the race against Nazi Germany to build the world's first nuclear bomb.

Today, that reassuring view is being nibbled away by the evidence from secret documents trickling out of private or former Soviet archives.

Hidden for six decades, these papers confirm that Hitler's scientists indeed were way behind their Manhattan Project counterparts in building a Bomb.

But the documents also suggest that by the end of the war in Europe, in May 1945, the Nazis had advanced farther down the nuclear road than is conventionally thought and had struck out in unexpected directions.

Interesting, no? Sometimes, a new gilgul will take up where the other one left off.

Do you think comparing Hitler and Achmadinejad is too far "out there?" Then consider this quote from former CIA Director James Woolsey taken from an interview he gave to Aaron Klein on 19 Feb. 2012:

"I once wrote a paper on Hitler as a diplomat. ...he was as shrewd a diplomat as the world has ever seen. He had the heads of Europe eating out of his hand. His objective was to kill all the Jews and dominate his region - Europe. ...the objective of Achmadinejad and those around him and Khameini, too, I believe, is to kill all the Jews and dominate the Middle East. And in seeking that, they are quite rational and careful and calculating. That doesn't mean that their objective is not hideous. Their objective is as hideous as Hitler's was."

So, is he back to finish off the job? I'm sure he believes so, but that's not what Hashem has in mind. You see, despite the fact that there are many Jews today who have chosen exile and its allures over Eretz Yisrael, the MAJORITY of Jews today DID NOT!

Apparently, we did learn our lesson, or at least MOST did. And at the time that the original decree went out, it was the majority who had stayed behind.

The Shoah settled that account with a generation who had essentially done the same thing. Today, although 'Haman' is back and willing to do his worst, we are no longer deserving of what he has to offer.

Like Saddam Hussein who fancied himself a gilgul of Nebuchadnezzar, Achmadinejad has been brought back to pay for his crimes against the Jewish people. Today, Hashem is not destroying his people from the exile. He is destroying the exile itself!

Egypt is chaos. Babylon is in ruins. Persia is falling. Greece is dead. Spain and Portugal, of Inquisition fame, is teetering. Britain is lost. And Edom/Am-reika is next. See the Prophet Ovadya for a description of the fate destined for her.

In the not-too-distant future, mankind is going to make a giant leap in its development - a leap of kedusha wherein the whole world will attain the status of Eretz Yisrael. And Eretz Yisrael will become like Yerushalayim and Yerushalayim will become as holy as the Temple Mount - "And the Lord shall become King over all the earth; on that day shall the Lord be one, and His name one. The whole earth shall be changed...." (Zechariah 14)



5 Adar 5775 UPDATE: He’s back? New Web site suggests Iran’s Ahmadinejad may be plotting return

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