28 April 2010

They're Already Dividing Jerusalem!

Zechariah - Chapter 14
1. Behold! A day of the Lord is coming, and your plunder shall be shared within you.

Rashi: and your plunder shall be shared within you: Those dwelling within you shall share the plunder that you shall plunder [from] the enemies.

2. And I will gather all the nations to Jerusalem to wage war; and the city shall be captured, and the houses shall be plundered, and the women shall be ravished, and half the city shall go forth into exile-and the rest of the people shall not be cut off from the city.

Rashi: and the rest of the people: Not all of them will be exiled. Now, why will He permit them [i.e., the gentile nations] to exile half of them and to plunder the houses? So that they should not have an excuse, saying, “We have not come for war, but we have come to prostrate ourselves.”

3. And the Lord shall go forth and wage war with those nations, like the day he waged war on the day of the battle.

Rashi: like the day he waged war on the day of battle: Like the day He waged war on the Red Sea.
When you see everyone coming down on Jerusalem, know that the end is very near!

Police May Ban Part of Old City from Jerusalem Day Parade

The police are considering closing off the Shechem and Lion's Gates of the Old City to Jews during the annual Jerusalem Day parade in two weeks.

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