13 July 2009

The Brits Don't Seem to Be Able to Connect the Dots

Britain Punishes Israel for Anti-Hamas Offensive
by Hillel Fendel

(IsraelNN.com) Prodded by Parliament Members and Amnesty International, Britain will “punish” Israel for its anti-Hamas offensive of earlier this year by withholding spare gunship parts.

UK NEWS: This Weather is a Whole New Kettle of Fish

...We no longer live in a land of gentle breeze and drizzle. We live in a land of blazing sun and fierce storms, the like of which we have rarely seen....

...on Tuesday the sky rapidly darkened and a ferocious deluge ensued.

The rain fell in such quantities and with such violence that it seemed hard to believe there wasn’t dark magic behind it. Elsewhere the rain was causing even more chaos – at the Queen’s first garden party of the summer in Buckingham Palace 8,000 guests were suddenly caught out by the sort of biblical downpour only Noah could have been prepared for. Half an inch of rain fell in just 10 minutes so top hats and summer dresses provided little protection from the water and hailstones.

In some areas of the Midlands an entire month’s worth of rain fell in just three hours and in Hastings and St Leonards families had to be evacuated from their homes as the sudden deluge caused floods more than two feet deep.