26 August 2008

Message from Binyamin Golden

Perek 89 posted 21.08.08 at Dani18.com:

Am Yisrael, we are worrying in these days about the war of Gog uMagog. But the biggest and most dangerous war, the real war of Gog uMagog, is the war of every Jew, between himself and his yetzer hara….

Every Jew must wage war with the yetzer hara and win the battle over him. Right now the yetzer hara is very strong. Because this is the end of all the gilgulim and all his sins are reaching their tikun until now, now we need to repair. Therefore the enemy, the yetzer hara, is at its strongest and cruelest. …And we must wage war, each one separately, and win the battle, with G-d’s help, over the yetzer hara.

In this last period of time, we are receiving many warnings…particular as well as general. Almost every house in Yisrael is suffering troubles, every kind of trouble. In the whole wide world, we are standing before a big war. The biggest that ever was in the world and also the cruelest.

And now, in addition to this, we have received a new warning, a very difficult warning. Gevald, gevald, gevald! In Bnei Brak, four Torah scrolls were burned in one day, lo aleynu.

Who did this? Us? We did not burn them, but our sins burned the Torah scrolls. Our sins, of the chareidim, of the supposedly faithful, burned the Torah scrolls. It doesn’t matter who lit the fire. They are completely evil and Hashem will deal with them.

But this is the message to us: That we do not do what the Torah asks of us. We’re learning and guarding the mitzvot, supposedly, but we are lacking much in the mitzvot that we do. We’re lacking; therefore, Am Yisrael receives a warning. Our Torah, the Torah that we supposedly are learning, and the mitzvot that we are trying to do, are not good enough. Missing from our deeds are the heart and the connection to Hashem. Therefore, we must return in teshuva.

First thing, to take out the materialism from our lives.... After that, to take out every lie and to live only to do the will of Hashem.

In the last days, we received another severe warning, the start of big surprises for all of us. What were the big surprises? The whole world was unaware of the fact that Russia, the big, bad, cruel bear, was already preparing to attack one of the small countries around it.

The big bear was like sleeping. In the last years, it was like his character was changed from cruel and bad to a cute teddy bear. Also in this period the gates were opened and the fear from the KGB decreased a lot. Therefore even Jews travel to Russia in order to return other Jews in teshuva, and some for the sake of doing good business there. This is a new phenomenon. Instead of Jews leaving Russia, there’s been the opposite movement. That also, Jews from every kind of place are arriving to Russia. Until today, we’ve been seeing that Russia is already not as strong as she once was and that she is supposedly democratic. But the truth is, she’s completely otherwise…. And the bear is again turning into a giant and monstrous….

Therefore, I want to say to all the Jews who are located in Russia that it is very much worthwhile to pack up the “Paklakh” and get out fast.

In truth, all the world is in great danger. The war in Georgia is only the beginning of the biggest war that has been in the world – Gog uMagog....

Therefore, what should we do? Jews have one weapon that is the strongest. And that is his tears. Not Russia, not America, and not Iran, not one country has a weapon this strong.

The tears of a Jew who cries from a broken heart and wants in truth to do teshuva over all his sins, tears of a Jew who understands that he has run away from his father’s house and wants now to return. Tears of a Jew who wants so much that his Father in heaven will receive him into the house again. Tears like these will rescue every Jew who makes use of them. Every Jew like this will be saved…..

But the Jews who think that America will save them, or Tzahal will save them or the Europeans will save them, Jews like these are hopeless, chas v’shalom… Atomic bomb, gas or every dirty bomb, every destructive technology that’s invented, from the west and also from the east, it won’t help against one tear of a Jew with a broken heart who wants to do real teshuva.

Jews in all the world, we are arriving at the end.... Perhaps a little bit more, but we are at the end. Each one separately needs to go over his whole life and do a personal accounting, to familiarize himself with all his sins and to acknowledge them and to be sorry for them.

List them on paper, sit on the floor, the men in sack and ashes, and cry with a broken heart over every sin, one by one. Be sorry that you have caused pain as it were to the Master of the Universe, to our Father in heaven, to our Father, our King. And decide to return in complete teshuva and not to do even one sin and not to distance yourself from HKB”H.

Don't forget to sit on the floor with sack and ashes.... And if there are no sack and ashes, tear kriah like a mourner. The women anyway naturally feel this better and do not need sack and ashes. A tear of a Jewish mother has more worth than sack and ashes.

And to be sorry for the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash, and over all our sins throughout the generations....that caused this... and to request from Hashem to bring Mashiach Tzidkeinu....

Am Yisrael, what else can be said? I sit and cry over all our exile, over the Batei HaMikdash that was destroyed and ask for Mashiach Tzidkeinu....

[My translation skills are negligible so any corrections are appreciated. Sources and additions were left out due to lack of time.]

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