17 August 2008


Since several people weighed in on the identity of 'Gog,' I've been mulling what it all means. Surely it is no coincidence that the name "George" figures so prominently in our history or that the conflict which broke open just before Tisha b'Av concerns a country called "Georgia."

The following is taken from Geula Watch:

I compiled the following and posted it to my website in April 2004 before anyone
else was saying that George Bush was very possibly the Gog of Magog spoken of by
the Hebrew prophets. Many have since made the linguistic connection between
George and Gog and most relate Magog to George Bush, Sr., i.e. George from
George. However, Magog is the name of the nation from which Gog comes. It's
notable that another George---George Washington, for whom the capital is
named---is known as the father of his country---the United States of America.
And it doesn't stop there. The American colonists revolted against King George
III of England and one of the main streets of Jerusalem is named for King George
V who was the English monarch at the beginning of the British Mandate period. It
is no coincidence that Britain ruled in Eretz Yisrael at the beginning of our
statehood and that America "rules" it via a puppet regime at the end of our
In Hebrew "George" is spelled gimel, vav, reish, gimel. If we separate out the gimel, vav, gimel, the reish remains. Let's look at what Rabbi Ginsberg says about the reish.
Although the letter reish is situated close to the end of the alef-beit,"its primary meaning is "head" or "beginning."
Interesting that the word rosh appears in conjunction with Gog in the opening pasuk of Yechezkel 38:
ב. בֶּן-אָדָם, שִׂים פָּנֶיךָ אֶל-גּוֹג אֶרֶץ הַמָּגוֹג--נְשִׂיא, רֹאשׁ מֶשֶׁךְ וְתֻבָל
Or maybe the message we should take from George/Georgia is that they are the harbingers of the beginning of Gog---reishit Gog.
I could be wrong, but from my perspective, Russia's actions appear to be self-defensive. It is America that looks to be bent on world conquest. It is America who heads a worldwide coalition of forces...at the moment anyway. And it is America who already has a dangerous military presence in our homeland.
Beware!! If today, the US works out an accommodation with Iran on their nuclear activities, tomorrow, they will arrive here to divest us of ours.

US, Israel Agree on Deal to Deploy 'X-Band' in Negev

(IsraelNN.com) The US and Israel have agreed on a deal to deploy the X-band early-warning missile radar system in the Negev desert, said a spokesman from the Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency (MDA). The new system of radars, which are linked to a US satellite-based alert network, will be staffed by US military personnel.

The announcement , which was published over the weekend in Defense News, said that although deployment was to have been put into action in 2009, it may be moved up to autumn 2008. This will mark the first time American military personnel are permanently based in Israel.


  1. Keep in mind the old tradition (that I mentioned on my blog) that the war is 3 parts. Chofetz Chayim is said to have pointed to WWI and WWII as parts 1 and 2, and there was no connection to the word Gog in either.

  2. I'm not sure there is supposed to be a 1 for 1 correlation, each perek to 1 stage. Where do you have that Yehezkel is part 1?

  3. I'd have to search for the source, but I read that Yechezkel 38, Yechezkel 39 and Zechariah 14 are three accounts of the three wars of Gog uMagog.

    And don't be forgetting th Zohar about Gog coming up three times to Jerusalem. Only George 'W' Bush has done this personally unlike any other leader before him.

  4. PS: You don't offer any suggestions about the significance of this repetitive name. Surely it is no coincidence. It is too prominent not to carry within it some message for us. I'd be very interested in your ideas.

  5. I really don't see any significance in the name. Especially with the linguistic acrobatics done in order to make it fit. If Yehezkel was written in Bavel, then a gimel is a g sound as in the word gimel, not a j sound like in George. Furthermore, the second gimel of gog, without a dagesh, is akin to a French R sound (which far too many Israelis have decided is the proper way to pronounce a reish, which should be a rolled r like in Spanish).

  6. Interesting about the name, but now my Uncle George, just a few months from turning 90, is sick.
    REfuah shleimah, Gershom ben Ginnale.

  7. B"H

    Well, you were wondering about Georgia vs. Russia out of the blue. Here could be one of the several reasons HaShem has in mind, to stop more "deals:"

    U. S. Wants Dialogues Halted