02 August 2017

They Want To Build A Temple To Avodah Zarah

10 Menachem Av 5777

For all the talk about building the Third Temple, the majority don't really want to build the Temple of Hashem with all the complications that would entail. What they really want is a synagogue on the Temple Mount. And not for Hashem's honor, but for their own - as a demonstration of their sovereignty, not Hashem's

They say we have to prove something to the nations of the world. No! We have something to prove to HKB"H! That we have have done sincere and complete teshuvah. And that we are ready to follow Mashiach's lead and not argue with his instructions.

"When will Mashiach come? TODAY - if we will heed his voice." Why would Hashem send Mashiach if no one is going to listen to him? 

His first order of business will have to be to clean house. We can't welcome the Shechinah to a Holy Temple rebuilt in the same city alongside a "Pride Parade"...

Date of the 2017 Jerusalem Pride March was announced: August 3rd. 

[Will Women in Green, Yishai Fleisher, Ari Fuld and the other hundreds of people who joined the March Around the Walls and who ascended to Har Habayit on Tisha b'Av also join the protest against this "March" - this very public desecration of G-d's Name and Jerusalem's holiness? Because this is a first step towards building the Third Temple.]

Any such "Temple," which will welcome also all religions inside it, will be a Temple to avodah zarah, G-d forbid! What god will be served there? The "All-love" Xian god? The "All-hate" Muslim god? Or the ONE GOD of the Jews Who is "All" with no divisions?

Just like there is no forgiveness without repentance and there is no reward without punishment, there is no love without hate. Those who love Hashem are required to hate evil.

Those who greet Mashiach with love and joy will have one common trait. They will fear nothing except HKB"H, because anything that you fear more than God, whether it be the authorities, public opinion or the loss of your life, is already set higher in your mind and heart than HKB"H and this is what you really worship as god.

Avraham Avinu proved in his ultimate test of faith that he did not even value his own beloved and long-awaited son's life above obedience to Hashem. This is the legacy that he passed down to all his offspring. Every real Jew has within himself the capacity to reach this level of emunah and very soon - too soon for most - we will be called upon to demonstrate it.