29 October 2012

Double or nothing?

13 Marcheshvan 5773

I didn't make the "date" connection. Hat tips to Arie and Dov.

7 Year Storm Cycle: Katrina, Isaac, Hurricane Sandy And The Perfect Storm

Earlier this year Hurricane Isaac hit New Orleans exactly 7 years to the day that Hurricane Katrina devastated the gulf coast in 2005. Now Hurricane Sandy will slam the east coast of the US 21 years (three cycles of seven years) to the day of the anniversary of the Perfect Storm back in 1991. Is that two major coincidences in one year? What are the chances that two major storms land exactly on the anniversary of two prior epic storms,and disrupt US politics in a presidential election year?

Isaac as you may recall, disrupted the GOP National Convention in Tampa, FL. Now Sandy could potentially disrupt the US Presidential election on November 6th after starting to intensify on the date of the last presidential debate.

One thing is for sure, Hurricane Sandy is a force to be reckoned with. A 100 year storm that in meteorological terms is characteristically called a “bomb.” With so much “coincidence” and disruption in a presidential election year, perhaps this won’t turn out to be a normal election year cycle for the stock market either, but rather an eventful year capped by a Black Swan named Sandy....

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