29 August 2012

ELUL 5772

11 Elul 5772

"Perhaps the most critical Elul in history."

A Wake Up Call – Don’t Miss It!


  1. So all the stuff that I wrote about on my blog preparing for Hoshana Rabba 5772 actually applies to Hoshana Rabba 5773? Ok I can live with that. It just means that we are one year closer to the Shmittah year when it all comes down, making this year the most important time of teshuvah in world history.

  2. הרב המקובל שמעון דהן שליט"א איראן מלחמה סוכות


    listened to the Rabbi Dahan shiur, and he says that in order to unite the Jews there will be an atomic bomb by this Sukkos. It will unite the Jews and reveal the power of the soul of Israel and pull the kedusha out of tuma. (Listen from 46:30)
    Rav Dahan specifically says that he dreamt that this succot something will happen.

    The Process was delay till Hoshana Rabba 5773 Lack of Human Decency

    Maybe its the financial fall of the west as predicted by the autistic. Monetary collapse followed by catastrophe (war?).

    ההגנות הכי טובות לשנה הבאה.
    סוכות הבא בקרוב יתכן שזה יהיה ממש יד על ההדק – לפני כפתור השמדה

  3. HaRav Shimon Dahan Atomic Bomb b'ahava,Sukkot תשע"ג

    go to Rashbi2012.blogspot.com