17 October 2010

How many ways can I say it?

The Jews (some of us anyway) are fighting a war on two fronts. We're fighting a "Love" War with Eisav and a "Hate" War with Yishmael. The Xians want to absorb us and the Muslims want to obliterate us. But make no mistake! The "Love" War also comes from a place of deep hatred. The "love" is all pretend. As long as the Jew is groveling before the Xian, he'll never see it, but the moment he stands up and says, "Thanks, but no thanks" and insists on remaining a proud Jew, then the face changes, just like Lavan's did toward our father Yaaqov. As our sages said, "It's a law. Eisav hates Ya'aqov."

Jews who make friendships with Eisav and invite them into their homes and praise them are traitors to their people and our tradition. Be they Greeks, Romans, Brits or Xian "Zionists," they are the enemy and consorting with the enemy in a time of war is treason. If you don't think it's that starkly true, then you are infected with the assimilation virus and are not seeing and thinking like a Torah-true Jew.

John Hagee, a xian evangelist who has become rich misleading countless people into a false, idolatrous religion, presents himself as a great "friend" of Israel and Jews. He would not hesitate to "lead" any Jew who approached him to turn his back on the Torah and embrace a belief in his false messiah. Out of the millions he collects from duping poor clueless goyim, he shares some of the ill-gotten gains with his Jewish buddies, making them partners in his crimes against humanity. Too strong a statement for you? Again, I say, check your assimilation meter and see if you are not under the influence of Western "pc" thinking.

To feed people religious poison and lead them astray from the ONE G-D is a crime against humanity!! And all you Jews consorting with the enemy, taking the money as if it's your due and somehow salving your conscience.... Well, what more can I say? With your bechira, you'll laugh off everything I'm saying to you and go on your merry way. But I will just remind you: There is a Judge and there is a Judgment.


John Hagee Ministries Israel Gift Recipients 2010

Nefesh B’Nefesh $1 million
Migdal Ohr $500,000
Jewish Agency for Israel $450,000
Ashdod Emergency Medical Center $400,000
Barzilai Medical Center $400,000
Bikur Cholim Hospital $400,000
Laniado Hospital $400,000
Netanya College $400,000
Or Movement $300,000
Ben Yakir Youth Village $250,000
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee $250,000
Kiryat Yam Absorption Center $250,000
Ohr Torah Stone $250,000
Save a Child’s Heart Foundation $250,000
Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity $250,000
Avukat Or $200,000
Gush Katif $200,000
Yeshivat Hesder at Akko $200,000
Afikim Family Enrichment Centers $150,000
Gush Etzion $150,000
Council of Young Israel Rabbis in Israel $150,000
Leo Baeck Education Center $100,000
Ben-Gurion University $100,000
Bikur V’Ezras Cholim $100,000
Eretz Nehederet $100,000
Just One Life $100,000
Meir Panim $100,000
One Family Fund $100,000
Orr Shalom $100,000
Shurat Hadin Israel Law Center $100,000
Women’s International Zionist Organization $100,000
Eshel Yerushalayim $75,000
Leket Israel $75,000
Hadadi Center for Breast Cancer Survivors $50,000
Israel Emergency Aid Fund $50,000
Israel-Help in Kiryat Gat $50,000
Koby Mandell Foundation $50,000
Nativ $50,000
Or L’Doron $50,000
Jewish Federation of Greater Houston $250,000

TOTAL GIFTS $8.5 million