21 October 2010

The Battle for Jerusalem

14 Cheshvan 5771

We are so close to the complete redemption that now even an ordinary TV program like 60 Minutes sounds like prophecy!!

Zecharya 12.2-3: "Behold! I am making Jerusalem a cup of weakness for all the peoples around,.... And it shall come to pass on that day that I will make Jerusalem a stone of burden for all peoples; all who bear it shall be gashed, and all the nations of the earth shall gather about it."

Leslie Stahl's now (in)famous report on Ir David (The City of David) opens with the following words: "Jerusalem ... is one of the most difficult issues at the negotiating table." (Of course, the first lie of this piece of anti-Israel propaganda also occurs in the first sentence---that Jerusalem is holy to basically everyone!) Further on in the report, she actually uses the words "stumbling block" to refer to the Jerusalem issue.

Unfortunately, Israel is still being represented by people who don't properly present her case. Did anyone bother to inform Leslie Stahl that the Arab village she is calling Silwan was a barren hillside until the Yemenite Jews came and built the homes which are currently located there in the late 19th century? And that it didn't become an Arab village until a pogrom and threatened massacre drove the Jews away in fear for their lives in the 1930's? The Arabs moved in and stole those properties. The words "Will you murder and also inherit?" come to my mind.

But maybe they did and she or her team conveniently edited it out of the final cut. Who knows? But I can tell you right now that no bare-headed, bare-faced Mayor of Jerusalem who sees only the economic benefits of turning Holy Jerusalem into a theme-park for tourists will be able to prevent what is quickly coming upon us, Hashem have mercy!

Are you wondering where we go from here? Well, here is a clue...

Report: PA to Leave Talks

A report in the New York Times Thursday said that the Palestinian Authority has decided to halt talks with Israel, and will instead seek recognition of a Palestinian state in all of Judea and Samaria from international institutions. According to the report, the PA will not only seek recognition of a state from the UN, but will seek to cement its legality through the International Court of Justice in the Hague, and and will seek recognition from countries that are signatories to the Geneva Convention.

If they make good on this threat, will the world refuse them? Can the world refuse them? And if they so rule and we do not cooperate, how long will it be before the foreign troops arrive to enforce the edict?

But it will all be good!! The status quo is intolerable---that Jerusalem should stand so degraded, the Moslems on the Mount and the city being turned into a theme park where the residents are reduced to bit players to be filmed and photographed while they try to carry out their daily lives. We want more than that; much more!

The storm clouds are now gathering. Suddenly, the storm itself will rage with wind and rain and clean the filth away. Then the sun will come out and shine radiantly upon G-d's lovely palace---the Holy City.

Oh, one more thing that I can't allow to pass. If you view the video below, you will hear Leslie Stahl say that according to Clinton's plan, the parts of the city which were predominantly in Jewish hands were to remain Jewish while those which were predominantly Arab would constitute the new Palestinian capital and "That meant that for the most part, East Jerusalem would go to the Arabs."

Not at all! This outright lie depends on the general public who hears it to know nothing whatever of geographic Jerusalem. Did you ever hear of Ramat Eshkol? French Hill with the Hebrew University and Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital? Ramot? Ramat Shlomo? Talpiot? Gilo? THE OLD CITY WITH THE JEWISH QUARTER, THE WESTERN WALL AND THE TEMPLE MOUNT!?? (And no doubt other places which I have forgotten for the moment.)

Chevre, hundreds of thousands of Jews live in these neighborhoods which were built already for many decades or as in the case of the Old City, for thousands of years! AND THEY ARE ALL LOCATED IN THE AREA WHICH THE WORLD CLAIMS IS "MOSTLY ARAB EAST JERUSALEM."

Oy!! And now I read that Jimmy Carter and Mary Robinson (they certainly need no introductions) are here in Jerusalem inspecting the situation as I write this.

AND ...this just in! Hague Hears Arguments on PA State Status . Wow! That was fast! I have a feeling events are going to start going a whole lot faster as the coming days go by.

Shabbat shalom!