03 April 2018

Eli Yishai - Always the Voice of Torah Reason

18 Nisan 5778
Three days of the Omer
Moadim l'simchah!

Eli Yishai: "I would like to congratulate the Prime Minister, who has come to his senses and canceled the shameful agreement Peres gave to the illegal infiltrators. There are no other solutions. The only solution to this serious problem is to reopen the Holot facility and put the infiltrators in there. By denying them work in Israel, they will leave voluntarily, and those who do not leave voluntarily will be deported."


"For you were strangers in the land of Egypt...."

Too many people are unwilling to make the proper distinctions between classes of people. As a result, they want to say "strangers" applies across the board to any non-Jew and therefore, these illegal infiltrators as well. 

The Hebrew does make the distinction. This applies to non-Jews who come in accordance with the law and who aim to benefit our society, not sneak in illegally and then proceed to rape and steal and generally create mayhem for the legal citizens they encounter.

We, as a people, were invited and welcomed into Egypt and were law-abiding and productive contributors to the welfare of our host country - as we have been in every country to which we were dispersed. These are the kinds of people who deserve our consideration. We have no such obligation to criminals.