"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

26 September 2017

"There's Nothing New Under the Sun"

6 Tishrei 5778

I regret that the subject of the first post of the new year will be Tommy Waller, but evil doesn't take holidays. In fact, it seems to ramp up around the holidays. Even now, Xians are pouring into Israel for "The Feast", as they do every year at this time, and all of them are looking for a weak place through the Jewish armor to reach the Jewish soul and steal it for Yeshu.

A few people have asked my opinion about the new video of Tommy Waller calling on his fellow Xians to renounce "replacement theology." Sadly, I must tell you that absolutely nothing has changed here.

Since the beginning of their ministry, the Wallers have said that they do not want Jews to become "Xians," i.e., give up Jewish practice and ritual, but they do want them to be "messianic" Jews, i.e. believers in Yeshu (without giving up Jewish ritual).

Giving up replacement theology simply means agreeing that Jews, as Jews who believe in Yeshu and go to "synagogue" instead of church, ALSO have a place alongside the rest of Christendom. This is just a last, sad and bad attempt on the part of Xians to reel in the Jewish fish by trying to convince them that they can live on the land and yet remain fish.

In the past, a Jew who believed Yeshu was the messiah had to convert to another religion, leave the synagogue forever and go to church. As a demonstration of his sincerity, he was required to eat a ham sandwich. Why? Because, according to the Xians of those times, God was through with the Jews and had a new people known as the church. If a Jew wanted to be counted as part of God's people he had to give up on being a Jew and become a Xian.

What Tommy Waller and his fellow "Israel-loving" Xians claim to have suddenly discovered is that a Jew can remain a Jew and still come to faith in their Yeshu, who is also reclaiming his Jewishness in these latter days. They still believe that only those who put their faith and hope in Yeshu will be redeemed, but it includes both those who identify as Jewish as well as those who identify as Xian. The two are "one new man" with their shared belief in Yeshu and together they are equal heirs of the promises made to the forefathers: Avraham, Yitzchak and Ya'aqov.

Tommy's little speech is absolutely nothing new. It's the same thing Jews for Jesus has been saying for the past fifty years.

See here, here and here.

This is my message to Tommy Waller:

This is just another misguided attempt to convince Jews to take another look at Yeshu, to present him and his message in a more acceptable light. Your problem is - you are still wrong. Yeshu was NOT a good Jew. He was NOT god. He was a man who sinned and died for his own sins. He saved no one, not then, not now and not ever. He never was and never will be the Messiah.

There is some perverseness in the hearts of Xians who can come so close to the truth and yet fail to recognize it and embrace it. Your judgment and consequently, your punishment, will be especially severe. I urge you to consider the possibility that you could be mistaken. That is your first step towards real salvation.


  1. Kol Hakavod for putting it all together in the most succinct and cogent fashion. We Jews are being undone from within, and the greatest culprits are not Hayovel but the shameless kipah wearing Jews who defile Hashem's Name in the name of the sacred.

  2. Repentance is taught as a tool for the reconciliation between Jews and xians in order to evangelize Jews. Waller tells the xians one thing and the Jews something else. This is nothing more than a carefully worded response put out under pressure. Much evidence has been brought from his speeches to his supporters this year that neither his agenda nor his beliefs have changed since he came to Israel in 2004. He hasn't repented for devoting his life and his children lives in order to spiritually destroy Judaism and the Jewish people. He hasn't repented for worshipping a false god in the hills of Samaria and Jerusalem. He hasn't repented for believing in restoration theology, which says xians are also part of Israel and have an inheritance in the land of Israel. He hasn't repented for "sharing" yeshu and Xian theology with countless numbers of Jews. He hasn't repented for recruiting and training thousands​ of Xian volunteers from around the world to do the same. He hasn't repenting for praying for "the Jewish people to recognize their messiah" which would mean the end of Judaism and the Jewish people. He hasn't repented for being a base and a bridge in Israel for missionaries to meet and develop relationships with Jews. In other words he hasn't "repented" for any of his actions. He is a deceptive and evil person who will be judged by Hashem but Baruch Hashem not one Jew admits to being "brought to Jesus by him". Eventually the xians who are donating money to Hayovel thinking the Jews will be saved and all the xians are going to make aliyah will realize that isn't going to happen
    They are being conned also. The Waller dynasty will then have a huge problem since Tommy, his kids and grandkids are all living off of it. FYI, the reference Waller makes in his confession, to "the city of the great king" is talking about yeshu. A nod to his Xian supported I guess.



  3. Dear Tomer Devorah, Just shared this post through my Google, Facebook and Twitter feeds. Shabbat Shalom, Shana Tova and Chatima Tova, LJG, Hill of Priests/Givat Chananiya, Abu Tor, City of God/Jerusalem, ISRAEL