27 October 2014


4 Marcheshvan 5775
8:00 pm 

UPDATE! Live broadcast in one hour...

3 Marcheshvan 5775

As the hyperactive sunspot AR2192 turns further away from Planet Earth, the danger of a solar-generated EMP diminishes, but that doesn't mean we're in the clear yet...

Newly discovered asteroid approaching Earth Monday
An asteroid, only discovered on Saturday, will be passing uncomfortably close to Earth on Monday, Oct. 27, as reported in an article published by Science 2.0 on Oct. 26. The asteroid, designated as 2014 UF56 by NASA, is about the size of a small house and would do considerable damage if it struck the planet.
Apparently, the chances of that happening are small, but, considering this object has only been known of for a few days, it's possible there hasn't been enough time to ensure it will pass safely.
The event is significant enough to warrant a live broadcast by The Virtual Telescope Project, which will be tracking the space rock's progress as it nears Earth, using remotely controlled telescopes situated all around the planet and connected online. The closest pass to the planet will occur about noon Pacific Time on Monday. 

That's 9:00 pm Israel Winter Time.