13 February 2012


20 Shevat 5772

I don't know why these things still continue to shock me.

Jewish rescue group builds interfaith cooperation

Leaders of ZAKA, an Israeli medical and rescue organization best known for its work in the aftermath of suicide bombings, has launched a program that seeks to work with Muslim and Christian counterparts on emergency rescues.

I might buy into that except for the reasons they give:

With its new declaration, ZAKA resolves to capitalize on the interfaith aspect of its work and “have ZAKA volunteers as opinion formers within their communities, working to encourage co-existence, helping and assisting others and instilling values of peace and co-existence.”
This article references The Forward where it goes a bit further:

...ZAKA already has 350 volunteers from Israel’s minority religions, who serve alongside the organization’s 1,150 Haredi volunteers and 350 non-Haredi Jews. When many of them gathered for the January interfaith declaration, the warm embraces and intimate conversations among them were testament to strong friendships formed over shared — and sometimes harrowing — experiences. Haredim chaired the proceedings, the Christians who provided the hall for the evening did the (strictly kosher) catering and a Muslim volunteer took photographs. “It’s the same God and the same values that make us volunteer together,” said Salach Badir, a volunteer from the Arab city of Kfar Kassem, which is located near Tel Aviv.

...“with more and more volunteers working together, the barriers will come down, people’s outlook on life changes, and we become more united,....

"We become more united" not just with goyim, but with enemy peoples who contest not only our right to our homeland, but who represent religions that compete with the Torah for G-d's revealed Truth. And therein lies the danger. If the other communities want to observe how ZAKA operates and create their own parallel system for their own people, well and good, until Mashiach comes and either they repent or they are destroyed, but this "new declaration" is absurd and spiritually lethal.

Personally, I think it is good practice to be wary of anything that includes the word "new" in its title. What do you think? (You may choose up to two options.)