06 February 2012

Special Guest Post

14 Shevat 5772

As written by "Anonymous" in the comments section (it's much too valuable to be buried there):


Germany-Ir​an Connection & Nazi Plot Prophecy in Torah!...email of a few weeks ago... Jews around the world are now reading the Torah parsha of the announcement of Redemption! A curious thing occurs, however... Hashem reveals Himself to Moshe at the famous episode of the Burning Bush and tells Moshe to announce that G-d has heard the cries of the Jewish people in the midst of the Egyptian holocaust and that He is going to redeem them. But before the Redemption is complete and the Jews liberated in what would become the Exodus, conditions only get worse and the evil of Egypt is amplified...so much so that some Jews confronted Moshe and Aharon and actually blamed THEM for the Egyptians' worsening hatred of the Jews. This ensuing situation actually prompts Moshe to complain to Hashem asking why He was mistreating the people, why He sent Moshe, and why He did not save the people.

We see here that Moshe's mission from G-d to redeem the Jewish people was actually the cause of a further deterioration of affairs ~ (based on Likutei Sichos of the Lubavitcher Rebbe).

And so we find that just before dawn comes the greatest darkness. Evil, which is in essence characterized by forces that oppose G-dliness, puts up its greatest fight when it knows it's cornered and its days are numbered. The descent of the Hebrews in Egypt during those last pivotal moments in exile worked to magnify the subsequent ascent and miraculous liberation, paving the way for the supernal revelation of the Holy Torah on Mount Sinai and also laying the foundation for the future and final Redemption, known as the Geulah with the revelation of Moshiach speedily in our days B'Ezrat Hashem.

The Torah, being Divine, has the past, present and future contained in the midst of the Holy words and letters of the ancient text. Sometimes this knowledge is revealed, oftentimes it's concealed, and it beckons the Jew to search and ponder its wisdom and live by the laws given and sustained by G-d Himself. If we were only aware of how much the ENTIRE WORLD literally DEPENDS on the Jewish people living lives according to Torah and fulfilling the Holy Mitzvot (Commandments of Hashem) we wouldn't look at our private lives and the public world in quite the same way ever again.

And so my Beloved brothers and sisters I wish to share with you some "Chizuk" or strengthening...there's much more out there, but here is just a sampling of the knowledge of our Holy Torah that Hashem allows us to know. Next time somebody tells you the Talmud is just some Rabbinic mental exercise from a forgotten time and on a dusty bookshelf - you'll beg to differ... The Talmud Tracate Megilla Pg. 6b explains: And Rabbi Yitzhak said: "What is the meaning of that which is written: Grant not Hashem, the desires of the wicked one, do not remove his nose ring that they should be exalted, Selah. Jacob said before the Holy One, Blessed is He: "Master of the Universe, do not grant Esau, the wicked the desire of his heart. Do not remove his nose ring, this refers to Germamya of Edom; - who if they would but go forth, would destroy the entire world. And Rabbi Chama bar Chanina said: "There are 300 crowned princes in Germamya of Edom, and there are 365 Chieftains in Rome. And every day (one group) goes forth to encounter (the other group) and one of them is killed, and they would then have the trouble of appointing a (new) ruler (in his stead). The great Rabbi Yaakov Emden 1697-1776 writes that Germamya refers to "Germany". The Gaon of Vilna 1720-1797 emends the text to read Germanya. The 365 chieftains correspond to the 365 days of the solar calendar, and the preoccupation with appointing new leaders prevented this Germanya from going forth and destroying the world. This is the "nose ring" by which Germamya is restrained. The final clue? -- the "holy [sic] Roman Empire" was in place across Europe from 962 until 1806 (for almost 1,000 years) and it centered on the kingdom of Germany. There were approximately 300 states that existed in this "holy Roman Empire" before the French Revolution of 1789. Thus, for all of that time they indeed had trouble appointing a new ruler...but of course the equation changed shortly thereafter, and seperate states consolidated, and the end result was a united Germany which ultimately became the seat of the Nazi party and a 'wicked one' a descendant of Esau who driven by an evil desire almost succeeded in conquering (G-d forbid) and destroying the entire world.

Germany and Iran? A chilling connection . . .

In addition to the prediction-prophecy in the Talmud Megilla 6b of the Nazi conquest and attempted domination/resultant destruction of much of Europe...pinpointing the country - "Germania of Edom" in a text going back close to two thousand years...the Talmud and maps of the ancient world also identify one other country with the name Germania, and this one is not in the "Edom" of Europe...the ancient region of Germania is geographically located exactly in what is now the modern day country of: Iran.

There looks to be a strong spiritual connection between these two arch enemies of the Jewish people. The worst of the worst is known in the Torah as "Amalek"...the fearless enemy who cut down a portion of the young Jewish nation on the route of the Exodus from Egypt during the first redemption with Moses. Amalek reared his ugly head again during what then became the Purim story in the wicked Haman (whose plans B"H were foiled by Jewish Teshuva and Queen Esther and Mordechai) in Persia (Iran). Then WWII and Germany rose to power...the rabbis say this was the incarnation of Amalek in the 20th Century. And now...look no further than today's headlines and read no further than the very words of a certain leader of a certain country in a certain part of the world...

Watch this less than 4 minute video on the Torah connection of Germany and Iran.

The Torah and prophecy teaches that Amalek will be annihilated during the Days of Moshiach.

Reference Talmud - Tractates Avoda Zara 2b, Yoma 10a and Yalkhut Shimoni, Zohar, Books of Prophets - Daniel, Ezekiel etc ... Iran is the central player with a key role heading into last moments of the world before Moshiach.

In summary - End of Days, final battle between Edom and Paras. Edom is Europe/America aka the West...Paras is Persia aka Iran. Conflicting opinion as to who falls at the end per Gemorra but Moshiach's rise is connected to this epic situation.

"The seemingly physical walls of this world of exile and lies will fall, we must know that we are not falling with it. Be happy–the “Doomsday” of the world of lies is the liberation of truth and the Holy Nation!" (quote from Vision of Geulah website)

Time to get on the Tshoo Tshoo Teshuva Train...

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  1. So very true. We are encountering a speesing up of things, too. Unfortunately only a small portion of the world sees this. It seems that many others are distracted by elections in the West....so trivial compared to what is really going on...