21 February 2012


28 Shevat 5772
While the Iranians' process of obtaining a nuclear weapon is advancing, so is our "geulah process," on every front. The signs are everywhere. Anytime you see the Arabs in an uproar about Har Habayit, whether for reasons real or imagined, and whenever Kever Rachel is in the news, you can be sure it's a sign that geulah is getting a new burst of energy.

Muslims: Israel to Give Half of Al Aqsa to Jews
...Dozens of Arab stoned Christian tourists and police on the Temple Mount Sunday morning, a day after a former Muslim Mufti warned of a possible “break-in” by Jews.
Arabs Riot at Rachel's Tomb

Arabs rioted Tuesday near the Rachel's Tomb compound, on the outskirts of Bethlehem, and hurled rocks at Jews who came there to pray.

Is it the beginning of a Third Intifada here on the eve of Rosh Chodesh Adar? And does it presage the building of the Third Temple?

Tensions run high in Jerusalem, West Bank; rioters arrested
Numerous incidents recorded across West Bank as stones hurled in Temple Mount, Rachel's Tomb and near Beit Ummar. Settlers retaliate by hurling stones as well

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