16 February 2012

Interesting reader-donated article

24 Shevat 5772

A reader has emailed the following interesting article:
Wake up! An Almost Nuclear Iran!
Harav Moshe Wolfson, shlita, spoke Tuesday night in a rare mid-week assembly for his kehillah, Emunas Yisroel in Boro Park, asking bluntly why there is no greater uproar within the community over the potential for war over Iran’s nuclear ambitions. “Why are we quiet? Where is the awakening? Why is everyone so apathetic?” asked Rav Wolfson, who is also mashgiach of Yeshivah Torah Vodaath. “Everyone is busy with narishkeiten, we don’t hear the alarm? We don’t know that we have to pierce the heavens for rachamim from the Ribbono Shel Olam?” Rav Wolfson told the packed beis medrash of nearly 1,000 people that the potential for a war encompassing Iran, Israel, Europe and the United States over the next few weeks is a real one, and Klal Yisrael must prepare itself spiritually.

... The last time he called for a special asifah during the week to discuss current events was in 1991, prior to the Gulf War. Rav Wolfson started his address, which was carried live by Kol Halashon, with the famous Rambam, who writes that it is a mitzvah to daven during troubled times. “If you don’t daven,” the Rambam says, “then it is a cruelty, since it will get worse.”

... just like Eliyahu had to daven on Har Hacarmel even though Hashem had already promised to bring rain, Hashem still wants the tefillos of Klal Yisrael today, even though He had promised to bring yeshuos.

...He specifically suggested saying Tehillim 46 every day, adding that he is asking his own kehillah to have the kapitel printed out and stuck to the back of every siddur.

...But above all, Rav Wolfson said, Yidden should keep in mind that we live in momentous times, and we should prepare for the upcoming era with emunah and bitachon. “In the next couple of weeks there will be news,” Rav Wolfson said, “and with the help of Hashem, it will be good news for Yidden.”


  1. Do believe this?

  2. Does anyone have a suggestion on which Tehillim to pray for Jews all over the world to wake up to the fact that they're slaves to the way they think? The real answer to the problem isn't found in praying Tehillim 46, but to realize that the doors to making aliyah are closing fast and hard. When the war is over with Iran, only Hashem knows how long and how devastating it will be, the doors may not be open, they may not even be there, but instead a wall. Jews all over the world have become desensitized by the notion that tomorrow will be the same as today. This isn't so.

    Your home isn't in the galut, but in Eretz Yisrael. Remember? Hashem made us leave until we can respect HIS laws and each other. The time is now to do tshuvah to the reality that we have called the galut our home. It isn't. It was never supposed to be our home. It will never be our home. When a child put in time out and left there for a while, does the child still wish to return to play with family and friends or does he then "set up house" and call this the reality.

    Wake up. War is coming to your doorstep and it's not because of a crazy man who thinks he can rule the world, or punish the west for their influence on his culture. It is a direct result of OUR sins. The war is a direct result of our wrong thinking. We have caused this to happen. We are the only ones responsible. No one else. Stop blaming others and wake up to the reality that "we are the child sitting in time-out who has 'set up house'".

    If you are one of the people who can't make aliyah, then use your influence to help those who are able to to change the way they think.

    Israel will be safer than any other nation in the world. The alignment of nations and the way they treat Jews is changing. The US Constitution has been trampled on for, at least, the past 3 years. Don't bank on tomorrow returning to the idealism that you call reality. This is one of the mistakes the Romans made.

    With all our love from Eretz Yisrael, we want you home before you get hurt.

    Your brother, Baruch Eliezer Silas