30 October 2014

Har Habayit Lo B'yadenu

6 Marcheshvan 5775

It is a common misconception that the "root cause" of all our troubles in Israel is our failure to exert full sovereignty over Har Habayit - the Temple Mount. But not only is the Temple Mount not in our hands, the option of exerting "sovereignty" over it is not in our hands either. And a good thing, too. "Sovereignty" belongs to the Sovereign of the Universe whose mountain it is. I'm sure He'd much rather have Yishmael up there sinning and earning their ultimate punishment rather than Jews. Because, of course, that is exactly what would happen. The first thing most Jews would do is settle Eisav up there, too, and like Yehuda Glick advocates - "share" it with the whole evil world.

It is HKB"H who blocks us from His holy mountain, and no one else. Our lack of free access is not the "root cause," it is the "worst consequence" of our failure to establish a Torah society. Until the Erev Rav is removed, there is no chance of that happening.

I refer you to an article I wrote over ten years ago...
 ...it is essential that we focus on goals and prioritize our actions so that our combined efforts will bring success on all fronts.
The following are the three most critical and important goals in order of priority:
1. Establishment of a True Jewish Government
2. Elimination of the Threat of Internal Enemies
3. Reconstruction of the Beit Hamikdash
This is a logical conclusion based upon the fact that the second cannot be accomplished without benefit of the first and the third cannot be accomplished without benefit of the first two. Furthermore, Israel will continue its downhill slide and eventually cease to exist altogether without all three. It is clear to us today that without the backing of our government, it will be impossible to defeat our mortal enemies and until the enemy that has raised its hand against Hashem's throne is destroyed, we will never be able to sanctify the Holy Place for the building of the Third House. It is incumbent upon us to work diligently and uncompromisingly and most importantly, efficiently, to realize each of these goals and each in its particular time....
Those who want it backwards - Temple Mount first - either have not thought it through to its logical conclusion or they have a different agenda.