12 November 2013

Dumbing Down Judaism

10 Kislev 5774

New Realities At The Kotel For Women Of The Wall

Jewish Agency for Israel Chairman Natan Sharansky announced on Monday, 8 Kislev 5774 that when Women of the Wall gather at the Kosel next rosh chodesh and read from a Sefer Torah there will not be any arrests made as has been the case throughout the years. Sharansky made his comments at the General Assembly Conference.

...he explained “we are negotiating with the Conservative and Reform”, for he posits this is critical towards increasing the connection with those streams and the State of Israel or risk losing their Jewish identity entirely.

...Sharansky remains an ardent advocate of recognizing the rights of non-Orthodox streams of Judaism and giving them official recognition in Israel. He feels by shunning the majority of the Jewish People, the Conservative and Reform Movements, most of Am Yisrael will assimilate as a result.

I hate to be the one to say it, but "most" of Am Yisrael are Erev Rav only intent on destroying Judaism and Bnei Yisrael from the inside out. Without the minimum requirement of mitzvah observance as received in the Written and Oral Torahs, there is no Jewish identity, just Jewish DNA. 

All calls to dumb down Judaism to LESS than the lowest common denominator are actually calls for mass spiritual suicide. In a day when gentiles are coming from the depths of idolatry to purify themselves and merit to join the Jewish people through halachic conversion, there is simply no excuse to lower the bar for those questionable quasi-Jews who, through their own lack of care or concern are "risking their Jewish identity."

What greater risk to Jewish identity is there outside of these Torah-and-mitzvah-denying "streams" which are themselves carrying away millions of Jews into oblivion?


  1. Hi Devash -

    From one who has been there, it can be quite a shock to the system, after having been raised just like the goyim, to have to restrict oneself in a great many areas. It took me years to get used to, and even so, I still had to make a lot of changes once I got here to Eretz haKodesh.

    My basic attitude changed over 20 years ago when I realized that I knew more about many other countries' cultures than I did about my own - added to the expectations others had of my respecting and acknowledging them. I realized that I had the obligation to investigate my own people's culture and also oblige others to respect Jewish culture too, as I delved into and kept more of it. Fortunately, for 10 years of that I had a rabbi who was patient with those of us from "liberal" backgrounds who wanted to learn more but just weren't ready to take it on all at once. If it weren't for him, I daresay I wouldn't be here now.

    CDG, Yerushalayim

  2. This is all a game with these phony politicians. Sharansky is Sharansky, no different today than yesterday. There is a world agenda to erase 'religion' and, of course, Judaism is the one they are worried about. The Erev Rav are in this with the rest of the nations and the State has sunk to its lowest. This is why we can understand why our sages say the 'remnant' of Israel. The liberal leftists are just athiests. The non-Jews are trying to replace the Jews, chas v'sholom, in E.Y., and with rebellious rabbis even joining them, no wonder these witches are getting what they want. Between mass conversions and the treachery from within in all the high places, those who do not repent, will have the same comeuppance as Eisav & Yishmael. Our sages have forewarned that most Rabbis today are of the Erev Rav and that the government in Israel will be all Erev Rav. The only good thing is that these are signs of chevlai Moshiach and just hoping he will not delay any longer. We await his arrival every moment with great mercy.

  3. CDG - That's fine and this process can also be facilitated by Orthodox rabbis. It does not require going through muddy "streams" where many weaker souls will get sucked under by the lies.

    Rabbi: Chelsea Clinton’s Child – Jewish?

  4. Devash - I must have left out something very important. I was rather surprised by your response, so I left it alone until now - and then I noticed your link, and read the article.

    My rabbi was nothing like you apparently imagined from what I wrote, if the link is any indication. I may have to apologize profusely to him for misrepresenting him (that will have to be in Shamayim because he passed some time ago.). He was perfectly Orthodox, a Mizrahi from a family of a long line of rabbis from Meknes, Morocco, with an extended Jewish education from France. He would never recognize the child of Chelsea Clinton as a Jew without a proper conversion. Yet he dealt with many Jews who were interested in learning but had little to no connection with Judaism and felt that making them change all at once would cause more damage in the long run than taking one step at a time. Like I said, I wouldn't be here now being shomereth mitzvoth if it weren't for him. I could never have gone straight into Crown Heights or some place like that from where I was.

    Many thanks for letting me explain myself.

    CDG, Yerushalayim

  5. I didn't "imagine" anything at all. The article was an addition not a corroboration, although I can see how you might think so. If your rabbi was Orthodox and encouraged you to take on mitzvot at your own pace, then your situation has no connection to the one I was describing. I was talking about Conservative and Reform who teach people that they need never take upon themselves the mitzvot. Those Jews who are real and honest may take up with them for a time but they will soon realize the emptiness of what they are offering and move on. Those who spend their lives with them and go out, often militantly, to force the rest of the Jewish world to accommodate them, are not in the same category at all.

    Hope that clarifies things. Shavua tov!