13 April 2021

"Twelve Years After It Was Written..."

1 Iyyar 5781
Day 16 of the Omer

Equal to the number of years that Yosef HaTzaddik himself spent in prison.  CHODESH TOV!
12 Years After It Was Written, Pollard Put a Torah Scroll in Joseph's Tomb

Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard entered Joseph's Tomb in Samaria tonight (Monday), Pollard is accompanied by his wife Esther and Samaria Council Chairman Yossi Dagan arrived with a Torah scroll he wrote through a messenger with his money 12 years ago when he was in prison and destined for Joseph's tomb.

Tonight 12 years later, he won the introduction of the Torah scroll he had dreamed of for years in prison.

The Knesset Sefer HaTorah was held with the participation of: Shomron Regional Council Chairman Yossi Dagan, Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu of Safed whose father Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu accompanied Pollard for years, Rabbi Elkim Lebanon Rabbi Shomron, Deputy Chairman of the Shomron Regional Council Davidi Ben Zion, Yonatan Pollard, his wife Esther and activists Many who for years fought for his release.

During the event, Pollard said: "I feel a very personal connection to this place and to the righteous Joseph who is buried in it and everything he went through."

"I bring this Torah scroll to Joseph's Tomb, a Torah scroll written from prison specifically for Joseph's Tomb, so that way if not given physically then spiritually and mentally we will demand all of our land. When I was in prison, the guards enjoyed humiliating me when they asked me if I thought That I will ever get home. And I always answered in the same way: "I would ask, do you believe in G-d? And most of them would say yes, and then I would ask do you think G-d can work miracles? And they would say clear, well here we are. The same story applies to this Torah, I will ask you if you believe in G-d, and you will say yes, and I will ask if you believe in miracles, and then say yes, in this Torah we will use not only us but also our future generations, so we must all give the same promise "For the Torah scroll, we promise to bring this Torah scroll regularly to Joseph's tomb, and to see that it is used every day, and that it is used with respect, the people of our people in our Promised Land."

The head of the Shomron Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, said that "Like Yosef the Tzaddik, our brother Yonatan was in the pit, because he stood by his values, like Yosef the Tzaddik, our brother Yonatan was released, like Yosef the Tzaddik "Ours and our commitment to Yosef the Tzaddik, who must also come out of captivity, regain control here and wave the Israeli flag over the grave."

In his actions, Pollard saved the people of Israel and paid a very heavy personal price for it. We very much appreciate and cherish the work of Pollard and his wife Esther for the people of Israel. By their brethren. Everything that is said and everything that is done for him is nothing compared to the price he paid for the whole people of Israel "

Rabbi Lebanon: "Thanks to Yosef the Tzaddik, his right protects all the people of Israel and the Land of Israel, Moshiach Ben Yosef will end his role and from there we will reach Moshiach Ben David soon. Welcome to the Pollard family to the Samaria family.

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu: "It is written: Out of the house of the forbidden came the king, if my father, peace be upon him, was now with us, Jonathan would bless you, from the house of the forbidden came the king. May there be a desire soon in our day Amen"

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