06 April 2021

From Jonathan Pollard's "First Speech"

24 Nissan 5781
Day 9 of the Omer

Many Hebrew media sites have covered today what is being called Pollard's First Public Speech since coming to Israel:  Kikar, Arutz 20, Hidabroot, Kippah, YemanimIt's even in Spanish Only Arutz Sheva has reported it in English.  (I maintain a ban on them as a primary source because they have proven too unreliable in the past.)  

This first video clip is being circulated within the articles.  The second one comes from the Psagot Winery Facebook page.  Looks like history in the making to me.

Yehonatan Pollard, may you continue to go from strength to strength!!


Devorah Chayah said...

Bereshit Rabba (73:7) teaches, "With Joseph's birth, Esau's adversary was born... There is a tradition that Esau shall fall only to Rachel's descendants."

...Pesikta Rabati, 36:

At that moment, the nations became excited and said, "Master of the Universe! Who is this into whose hands we shall fall? What is his name? What is his nature?" G-d replied, He is the Messiah and his name is Ephraim, My righteous Messiah. He shall raise up himself and his generation [i.e., from degradation to independence]. He shall bring light to Israel and save his people, and no nation or tongue can withstand him... All his enemies and foes flee... Even the rivers cease running..."

G-d set ground-rules for [the Messiah]: "In the future, the sins of these stored away with you will place you under an iron burden. They will make you like this calf whose eyes have dimmed. Their burden will suffocate your spirit. Through their sins, your tongue will cleave to your palate. Do you wish this?" The Messiah asked, "Is that pain going to last many years?" and G-d answered, "I swear by My life and yours that it shall last no later than the year seven thousand [i.e., the latest possible end, as noted previously from Avodah Zarah 9a]. If you are unhappy with this, I will make them suffer starting now." The Messiah replied, "Master of the Universe! Joyfully do I accept it upon myself so that not one Jew be lost... It is what I want!"...

From the 4-part series "Mashiach Before the Election."

Devorah Chayah said...

Here is the rest of that quote from the Pesikta Rabati:

The rabbis said, "The week in which the Son of David comes, iron bars shall be brought and placed on his [MBY] neck until he is bent over, and he will cry out tearfully until his voice ascends to Heaven. He will say, "Master of the Universe! How long can my strength hold out? My spirit? My soul? My limbs? Am I not flesh and blood?"...

G-d will then reply, "Ephraim, Righteous Messiah! You undertook this from the Six Days of Creation. Now, your pain will be like Mine, for since the day Nebuchadnezzar went up and destroyed My house and burnt My sanctuary and exiled My children among the nations, I swear to you that I have never sat down on My throne; and if you don't believe Me, observe the dew that has settled on My head"... The Messiah will respond, "Master of the Universe! Now, I am consoled. It suffices for the slave to be like his master."

Devorah Chayah said...

VERY IMPORTANT PART (same source):

(Pesikta Rabbati 37)...

...the Patriarchs will in the future rise up in the month of Nissan and will say to the Messiah, "Ephraim, righteous Messiah! Although we are your ancestors, you are greater than we, because you suffered for our children's sins and underwent hardships not experienced by the early or later ones. You were the object of ridicule among the nations for Israel's sake, and you sat in sightless gloom. Your skin shriveled on the bone and your body was as dry as wood. Your eyes lost their luster through starvation, and your strength dried up like a potsherd. All this occurred due to our children's sins. Do you wish our children to benefit from the bounty G-d has showered on Israel? Perhaps due to the immensity of your suffering on their behalf, and the time you spent imprisoned, you are displeased with them?"

The Messiah shall reply, "Fathers of the world, all that I did, I did only for yours and your children's sakes, for yours and your children's glory, that they might benefit from this bounty which G-d showered upon Israel." The Patriarchs then say, "Ephraim, righteous Messiah! You should be pleased, for you have pleased both us and G-d."

R. Shimon ben Pazi said: "At that moment, G-d shall raise up the Messiah to the highest heavens and envelop him in His glorious splendor, before the nations of the world, the wicked Persians. He shall say: Ephraim, righteous Messiah! Judge these and do whatever your heart desires, for if not for overpowering mercy on your behalf, they would already have obliterated you from the universe in a moment...."

Anonymous said...

He held onto a flag for Bibi, his commander?
How do we relate to all these things?

Devorah Chayah said...

Anonymous@9:30AM - First of all, the words you've written here do not accurately reflect what he was reported to have actually said. Perhaps re-read the original. Second, while some things have also given me pause, we have to keep in mind that "MBY is from earth and MBD is from Heaven." We relate to everything having to do with MBY from a much more physical perspective.

Anonymous said...

This is from the article on the (untrustworthy?) Arutz 7:

During his address, Pollard called himself a “soldier” for Israel, and described the difficulties he faced during his lengthy imprisonment.

“When Yaakov HaGoel gave me the flag, it reminded me of my first visit with Ron Dermer in our New York apartment, which was about as big as that table, and I gave him a flag that I had kept for 30 years, an Israeli flag. And if you know anything about American prisons, I had to fight for, physically, fight to keep, because it was the one shred of connection that I had with this land.”

“I told Ron at the time that I felt like a soldier that had kept the regimental flag, in spite of defeat, and was able to pass it on, in purity and honor to my commander which was Bibi.”