19 November 2020

A Special Day of Prayer

 3 Kislev 5781 

Today has been designated a special day of prayer on behalf of Jonathan and Esther Pollard, for their healing and for release from travel restrictions imposed by the terms of his parole, preventing their return to Eretz Yisrael.  It is sponsored by Youth for Pollard and they are asking each one in his own place to pray a few chapters of Tehillim - 120, 121, 130, 23 - ending with the prayer specially composed for Jonathan and Esther by HaRav Mordechai Eliyahu, ztz"l.

Tizku l'mitzvot!  May all your prayers be answered affirmatively and may we all hear very good news very soon!  May it be His will.


Devorah Chayah said...

I personally abhor this man, but maybe he knows something. I'm almost expecting it to go this way. Depending on what happens over the next two days, I may have more to say about that.

Alan Dershowitz: Cautious, optimistic that Pollard will go free

World renowned lawyer Alan Dershowitz expressed cautious optimism on Wednesday that Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard's strict parole restrictions would be relaxed on Friday, when he completes his fifth year of parole from his life sentence for spying for Israel.

It is up to the US Justice Department to renew the conditions by the time the five years are up, or they are presumed to expire immediately. Neither Pollard nor his lawyers have been told anything, a source close to Pollard said Wednesday.

Pollard’s parole conditions since he was released from prison five years ago require him to wear an electronic GPS ankle bracelet at all times, to be subjected to unfettered monitoring and inspection of his computers and prevent him from leaving his New York home before 7 a.m. or returning after 7 p.m.

"I am cautiously optimistic but I have been cautiously optimistic before," Dershowitz told The Jerusalem Post in a phone interview. "With Jonathan Pollard, there are people in government who raise absurd objections."

Dershowitz said that if what he called "the unjustified parole restrictions" are renewed, he has a chance to receive commutation from US President Donald Trump.

While Dershowitz has not been in touch with Pollard for many years, he represented him in the past, has pushed presidents for his release and continues to actively try to help.
Dershowitz recalled that he thought he persuaded Bill Clinton to commute Pollard's sentence to time served in a conversation on Martha’s Vineyard when Clinton was president. But then-CIA chief George Tenet vetoed the commutation.

Pollard has reason for concern that the conditions will be renewed because he still has 10 years left of his life sentence. It was given before life sentences in America were reduced from 45 years to the 30 that he served. Parole conditions lasting five years are considered standard procedure.

“Under normal circumstances – that is, with any other prisoner, including spies for enemy nations, drug dealers, etc. – the five-year marker would have significance,” a source close to the Pollards said. “Provided that there were five years of good conduct, it would be honored immediately. But not for Israel’s agent. Nothing in this case has ever been handled according to normative legal practice.”

Anonymous said...

Amen. May Hashem hear all the prayers and we hear good news soon. Amen.

Devash, you have been a strong supporter for the cause of Jonathan Pollard and his wife.

Hashem bless you, and all those davening for Jonathan. Amen.


Neshama said...

I agree with you about that attorney.
And yes you have been such a constant and strong supporter of the Pollards.
I hope that they get to Eretz Yisrael real soon, and HKB”H releases them.
Kol HaKavod DEVASH!

Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving Day Vigil at OU

If Jonathan Pollard is not be permitted to leave the USA after his current 5 year parole has ended on Friday 21 November 2020 a Vigil will take place outside the OU Center, 22 Keren Hayesod, Jerusalem (time to be advised) on Thanksgiving Day Thursday 26 November 2020 to protest against the current policy of the Orthodox Union Religious Organization not to raise the concern over the plight of Jonathan J Pollard to its members and readers of Torah Tidbits published by OU Israel.
Bring banners and posters highlighting the OU’s failure regarding the mitzvah of Pidyon Shvuim
The Vigil will be held according to Ministry of Health guidelines –full masks and social distancing essential.

Sholomk said...

Thank you. I said the tehillim and shared it with my wife's tehillim group.

Anonymous said...

May all our tefilot be answered for this courageous Yehudi couple who have so suffered al kiddush H', They have suffered because of their ahavat Yisrael. May H' bless them with good health and happiness, b'ezrat H', in Eretz Yisrael very soon.
I also do not like Dershowitz (he is so too the left) but in this case he has been consistent in regard to Pollard's release, along with others in U.S. government at the time of his sentencing when they opposed the draonian sentence he was given, but too no avail. There is an abnormal anti-semitic component to all his imprisonment. Believe the best would be Pres. Trump's commutation for him. I believe H' will make it happen, hopefully, very soon! Ken Yehi Ratzon!

Devorah Chayah said...

Thank you to each and every one of you.

HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

Anon 19/11/20 5:51 PM, first of all, Friday is the 20th, not the 21st. The 20th is the anniversary; if you'd been right he should have been released today.

I don't know whether you know this or not (or anyone else, for that matter), but Phil Chernofsky is fully retired now. He used to count the days Jonathan was in prison and added the days he has been in house arrest right in the Torah Tidbits, until he retired. I have no idea what else he did behind the scenes or in front of them.

I looked in my copy of the current Tidbits edition and it is not there. The new director (or whatever his title was) is Aaron Goldscheider. We should remind him that praying and working for Jonathan's release has been part of the OU legacy.

I have been praying for Jonathan and Esther for a while now, and also included them in my post today. I also sent a letter to Pres. Trump to commute his sentence.

May we hear good news tomorrow before our Shabbat starts!!!

HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

My mistake: it's not Aaron Goldscheider, but rather R' Avi Berman, who is the Executive Director of OU Israel and my best guess as to who should be reminded about the OU legacy I mentioned above. Rabbi Goldscheider is the manager of Torah Tidbits.

Mr. Lowell Joseph Gallin said...


Anonymous said...

It is being reported by several US news sources that Jonathon Pollard has had his parole restrictions lifted and that he is now free to make aliyah to EY.

Baruch HaShem!!! It looks like all of our prayers have been heard on high, and have been answered. Halleluyah!