26 August 2020


 6 Elul 5780

Please see an update on Yehonatan Pollard's situation in this Hamodia article dated yesterday:

With Liberty and Justice for All… But One

It is important to note that the five years of parole should be set to end on November 21, 2020, but it's not guaranteed, as the article cited above explains...

...In a footnote to one of their legal briefs in this case, the U.S. government noted that “there is a statutory presumption that five years after a parolee’s release, the Commission shall terminate supervision over such parolee unless the Parole Commission makes a showing that there is a likelihood that the parolee will engage in conduct violating any criminal law.”
That five-year mark is coming up in November, but sources close to the Pollards told Hamodia that, so far, the Parole Commission is refusing to say whether they will finally lift these restrictions at that date, and has rejected the pleas by Pollard’s lawyers for an answer.
History has shown that when it comes to Jonathan Pollard, presumptions simply don’t apply. The hatred toward Israel and American Jews that caused him to receive a life sentence in the first place has not disappeared. The same government officials who have insisted on these irrational, oppressive restrictions will be the ones making the decision whether or not to lift them in 2020, and they have the legal (though not the moral) ability to keep them in place until 2030.

In my blog post entitled Daniel: Part 3 - "A Time, Times and Half", I make a case for this being a reference to 10-20-5, the time Yehonatan Pollard, "the Yosef of our generation," has been locked up.  I explain how there seemed to be a tacit agreement between the US and the Israeli government that Pollard would spend 10 years in prison and then go out.  But, like the original official agreement not to impose a life sentence, they broke it.  He spent 20 more years in prison beyond the first 10 and then, upon release, was restricted to virtual house arrest for 5 years of parole.  

Because of this, I feel certain that Pollard will, in fact, be released from parole in 87 more days.  In addition, I think that's why the Parole Board is being recalcitrant on the issue.  At this point, they can only prolong his torture by withholding any confirmation of a soon release.  

Eisav's power is dwindling and HKB"H never allowed them to have any merit from doing Yehonatan Pollard any "favors."  But, until it is a done-deal, let's really increase our prayers on Yehonatan's and Esther's behalf.

It's Elul and "the King is in the field" - very accessible.  When you "see" HKB"H, please remember Yehonatan ben Malka and Esther Yocheved bat Raizel Brachah, and ask the King to grant them both a refuah shleimah and the freedom to come home to Eretz Yisrael.

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  1. Should the United States of America not release Jonathan Pollard at this time look for DIVINE ANGER FURY CHAOS and DESTRUCTION on a scale not yet seen to fall on the United States. Those responsible for what is coming on the peoples of America will be the executors of the Divine Evil Decree, should they not relent. HE WHO CREATED THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH is the Same God who created THE WASTERS TO DESTROY (Isaiah 54:16). Same with Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, THEIR OWN LEADERS brought down the Wrath of God on their people. As with Pharaoh. Let us hope that the Powers That Be in the United States DO NOT MAKE THE WRONG DECISION this time. There will be NO SECOND CHANCES after this.

  2. Believe and hoping that this time he will be released. Also, believe if the current president is re-elected, he will be released. But, believe that this has always been under the power of the state dept. which has always been anti-semitic and there are those there that have held up his release. Once read a number of years ago that it was really the vulture who was against his release, moreso than America. But we pray this time he will surely be released and able to go home to Eretz Yisrael.

  3. It doesn't matter who is president or how antisemitic the State Dept is. Yehonatan's personal geulah will be no different from the general geulah in that when the time appointed by Heaven has arrived, no power on earth can stop it.

    Our "Yosef" will say, like Yosef HaTzadik "Indeed, you intended evil against me, but God designed it for good..." We will yet understand all the good that will come from so much suffering.

    And remember, it is Yosef who defeats Eisav!