11 April 2020

Overlooking the Obvious

18 Nisan 5780
Day 3 of the Omer
Shavua tov, Moadim l'simchah

On this the 24th anniversary of my aliyah to Eretz Yisrael, I'd like to express my utmost gratitude to HaKadosh Baruch Hu for making it possible.  And I'd like to use this opportunity to ask everyone reading here to join me in a prayer for a self-sacrificing Jew, who despite dreaming of making aliyah his entire life, is still prevented from doing so.  I hope, thereby, that the door to aliyah for all who will come will once again be opened to Klal Yisrael.


Tell me, is the novelty of being home from work beginning to wear off, your patience with the constraints beginning to wear thin, and the restrictions of movement starting to chafe?  There is a holy, righteous Jew who sacrificed his entire life  - his family, his marriage, his career, his health and his freedom for Klal Yisrael's benefit, and he is all but forgotten.  That Jew is Yehonatan (Jonathan) Pollard, the man Rav Mordechai Eliyahu, ztz"l said is "the Yosef HaTzadik of our generation."  
...In the ensuing years, as the relationship between the Rav and Jonathan grew deeper and more complex, the Rav would visit Jonathan every time he came to America. Unlike other Israeli officials who would always try to arrange a visit with Jonathan at the last second as an afterthought, visiting Jonathan was always the Rav’s first priority. The Rav did not relish leaving Eretz Yisrael and was always reluctant to be away from Yerushalyim. But for Jonathan, he was willing. He told us that he gladly accepted invitations to appear at various functions and events in the US only so that he could visit Jonathan! I had the great privilege of attending most of these visits.

Over time, the Rav shared with us and with a few others who were very close to him that Jonathan’s release is the key to the redemption of all of Am Yisrael.

He taught us how Jonathan’s release is also the key to the release of all of Israel’s captives and MIAs. Once Jonathan is out, all the captives are all out! Once they are all out, we are all in Geula!

Perhaps most significant of all, the Rav always referred to Jonathan as the “Yosef HaTzadik shel doreinu” (The Yosef Hatzadik of our generation.)  [Source]
He was thrown into a 'pit' and abandoned nearly 35 years ago and up to this very day, he remains virtually imprisoned as a result of living conditions imposed upon him which are very much like the ones all the Jews of the world are being forced to accustom themselves to today.

It should have been so obvious to all of us immediately.  Yehonatan and his ill and long-suffering second wife Esther, may HKB"H give her an immediate and full recovery, have been dealing with these parole conditions for four and a half years while for us it's only been a month, but it seems like so much longer!

Despite having served 26 years longer than the average sentence for the crime of which he was accused, the US government chose to continue to torture Yehonatan beyond his prison sentence with a set of parole conditions which amounts to a virtual house arrest.  

Much of this should sound familiar: inability to go to work, no freedom of travel, lockdown, curfew, no praying with a minyan at synagogue, no traveling to relatives for chagim,....

Yes, the list of our sins which has recently been compiled by various speakers to explain our mass social affliction is long and shameful, but the one that should be at the top of the list, and sadly does not seem to appear at all, is the sin of turning a blind eye to our brother's suffering.  We have not redeemed this prisoner and so we also remain unredeemed.

Some reports say that the US has been hit hardest among the nations of the world and that New York City has been hardest hit within the US. This is precisely where the Pollards live and therefore, the community most responsible for their welfare.  But, all of us, no matter where we are in this world, are equally responsible to plead his case to anyone who will listen and especially to those with the power to rectify this tragic wrong.  We must give them no rest and never let up until justice prevails, and then we also will go free.  May we not hesitate to act and may HKB"H help and bring it about with no further delays.  Amen!


  1. Thanks for this posting, Devash.

    I am not a Jew. Follow Hashem, and have followed a lot of what Jonathan has had to go through. May Hashem set about his and his wifes release soon. Amen.
    May Hashem hear our prayers and pleas for Jonathan and Esther Pollard. Amen v'Amen.

  2. Devash,

    Hol hamoed sameah to you and yours!

    Thank you for reminding us of Jonathan's plight. I, for one, agree with you on getting Jonathan home, and I'm sure many of your readers also agree. But until now our actions have not had the effect we would have seen, if they had been made on behalf of anyone else.

    I think we need a long-range strategy, G-d help us. Tactics aren't enough, and we can't wait for normalcy to return -- if it ever will. Which I doubt. I'd rather have geula.

    Just one suggestion for now: Perhaps media that calls itself "Jewish" or is thus associated need to be called out for their horrible language regarding their fellow Jews and the tribulations we suffer. The UK Jewish community seems to have succeeded in eliminating two of its "Jewish" media organs, the Jewish Chronicle and the Jewish News (which was going to merge with the Chronicle) because of their obsession with "virtue signaling" to our enemies. Jews there just stopped buying their dirty rags, and Muslims didn't accept them either.

    David Singer, in an Arutz 7 article, calls on those who call our goal to restore Jewish sovereignty "West Bank Annexation" to stop this insidious practice. I'd like to see what happens with that. Maybe we can support this call, and more calls for better behavior by our news purveyors.

    "Restoring Jewish sovereignty" is not "West Bank annexation"

    We consumers of "Jewish" media can name and shame many media centers meant for our consumption, and demand that they portray Jonathan and other Jewish prisoners prominently and sympathetically as well — among the many other issues we have with them. And, even boycott them for good measure when they don't comply.

    I really think that our media somehow portray us in general as agreeing with Jonathan's punishment, and this influences the media at large, which in turn influences the politicians and government officials. This, by leaving out the voices of the many of us — perhaps the majority of world Jewry — who disagree.

  3. Received THIS VIDEO just a short time ago.

    In the notes, it says...

    On the eve of the Holiday of Freedom 5780, the people of Israel send endless hugs and love to our beloved brothers Jonathan and Esther Pollard, who have not yet enjoyed their full freedom.

    In these days when the citizens of Israel are isolated in the shadow of the Corona epidemic, we can identify even a little with their loneliness, and convey to them the message that we have not really forgotten.

    In addition, we send a refuah shleimah blessing to dear Esther who is heroically coping with her serious illness, and wish her with all our hearts - Refuah Shleimah !!!!

    Her name for prayer is - Esther Yocheved bat Raisel Bracha.

    With Hope and prayer that we will merit to see them healthy and whole, here in the State of Israel, very soon!

    Kol hakavod to Neriah Binyamini who posted this video and to all who took part in it and to the very good friend who passed it on!!

  4. I just heard an interview where the interviewer commented to his guest on this subject that your smartphone is now your ankle bracelet. It's being used to track you.

    1. Are you kidding - they can track anyone driving a car via their scanners which are able to find a matching license plate. So who says you even need to carry a smartphone to be tracked, if you're driving? And for all i know, that may extend to the pics on one's driver's license. So even if you walk, and they have your pic via your license, maybe they can track you that way too?

      Everyone should scream "Hashem please hashev gemulam al rosham shel ha'reshaim, and please free & heal the Pollards from whatever the reshaim have done to them!" I can also relate to this post thru the health angle. For decades i've experienced how bitter the sickcare system is, and first now with Corona, everyone else has woken up to the smell of the bitter coffee. The glorified system has been one of the avoda zora's of modern times in that people have been easily fooled by big jargon, big pharma, and sophisticated instruments+surgery, which acted as decoys, duly serving to suppress the more advanced, truth-based healing modalities. Just see how people have been swayed in favor of Fauci's glib-talk vs. Dr. Zelenko's truth-talk.

    2. I don't drive and I don't have a driver's license. ;-)

  5. Pollard sacrificed everything to save Jewish lives in eretz Yisrael. The true extent of what he did will probably never be known. This includes saving the Jewish people from a nuclear or chemical weapon holocaust.

    The Israelis consider him a Jew and therefore not worthy of saving. If his name was ehud, bibi, itzik, bogie, benie or another israeli name, you can bet the medinah would have saved him.

    Uncle Samkiel considers him a jewboy who went off the reservation and must be made an example of so no other jewboys even think of going off the reservation.

    That is the blunt honest truth.

  6. Yasher Koach! Dear brother, Rabbi Yehuda, how can I help? Can I send the essay to The Jewish Press, INN, or the Times of Israel? Make a petition? Write to Trump.

    1. This is not Rabbi Yehuda. This is Devorah Chayah. Do whatever is in your power to do. Everyone should do whatever is in his power to do and who knows where or when it will come into the hands or mind of someone who has some power to do something.

      Months ago, I tried to spread the idea that the leaders of the US and Israel were mired in legal troubles because they refused to grant justice and relief to Yehonatan Pollard. I believe this is true - that this is why they were both at the same time enmeshed in legal challenges to their rule. But, I'm nobody so my words could not reach them. My hope is always that someone who is somebody will somehow hear through someone else further up the food chain and it will get passed on. Or enough people will pray that Heaven itself will intervene. I do believe that Yehonatan's complete freedom is key to our final redemption. Our identification with his pain is key to our final redemption.

      So, please do whatever you can. Everybody, please, do whatever you can. And thank you.

    2. Whatever you decide do, you can leave my name out of it. The connection should be obvious to anyone who knows the circumstances the Pollards have been living with all these years. But most Jews just still don't know. And all of us should realize that the suffering of even one Jew, when he has brothers who could remedy it, is of utmost concern to HKB"H - enough to turn the world over for that one Jew.

      The thing is, the initial five-year parole period is up in November, but unless Jews start speaking out on his behalf in large enough numbers, God forbid, but Yehonatan could conceivably be sentences to another five-year period of probation, and another after that, God forbid!

    3. Devash: Too late. I already did mention you yesterday. Also in the midst of posting a link to this article to End of Days blog.

      I'm sorry about any embarrassment I more than likely caused you.

    4. No worries, HDG. It's fine either way. :-)

    5. TOPIC:
      Z'man Grama - L'eis kazot higa Dr.Zelenko l'malchut

      Sorry this is belated, but i just had a brainstorm today regarding the Pollards, and guess what? I acted upon it. But just so you know - i have "Murphy's Mazal" (the antithesis of the Midas-touch). And please, spare me the lectures of ein mazel l'yisroel, unless you're willing to acknowledge R' Ben Dosa's saga too!

      Anyway... in the process of acting upon it, i got abused by personnel of one org., though a nice guy from a 2nd org. said he doesn't have connections to be able to do anything, but that maybe 3rd org. can help since they have Satmar friends.

      So i phoned 3rd org. and that guy was very young, not necessarily well-educated, but he's a grassroots "tafkid" activist. Not like others who say "our org. only does XYZ but not ABC.

      Here was the idea i conveyed:

      Just as Mordechai told Esther "mee yodeah im l'es kazot heegaat l'malchut"

      Likewise, now that Dr.Zelenko has achieved chashivut in the eyes of Pres.Trump and the public, he's best positioned to convey to Trump about the Pollards saga, and how many years Jonathan has been quarantined compared to everyone else who are chafing at the bit. And so on...

      I gave him some background on the Pollards, and told him to do some research on them, as prep. for contacting his Satmar friends in the hope of getting through to Dr.Zelenko with this idea. Believe it or not, at least he responded that he'd try. Ah, the open-mindedness of youth!

      P.S. You may want to re-post my idea periodically in blogs (in your own words, not mine). Because you never know, however farfetched, maybe one of your readership has Satmar contacts who can get through to Dr.Zelenko.

    6. P.S. Devash have you ever encountered TOPIC SECURITY POLICY on these blogs?
      ...Just so you know, in error i forgot to select Anonymous, so it reverted to Google, whereupon the topic i just now posted displayed: TOPIC SECURITY POLICY - and they blocked the post. So i cleared cookies & reposted successfully anonymously. It also happened as a double-whammy cuz i forgot to logout of Gmail prior to posting here. And which is more proof of how socialist & globalist Google is (see project veritas). I always knew it, ever since they globalized with youtube etc.

      I guess they consider Pollard a high-security topic, but now i'm concerned that Google's henchmen may stick their dirty claws into this, and all my communications.

    7. Thank you for all your efforts M.M. Hashem should give you hatzlachah!!

  7. Perfidious, not enough words to describe one persons pain and suffering, allon behalf of the Jewish nation. May the Jewish people the world over wake up fron their slumber and do what is needed to fix the this apathy.

    1. Well, to Unknown 8:41 - as per my above post to Devash, today i wasn't slumbering, but rather had a brainstorm vis-a-vis the Pollards, and I did take action. I spent a long time on the phone with various people, one of whom was unconscionably abusive, trying to get something concrete accomplished. Understand that much of humanity is not all they're chalked up to be.

  8. Thanks, though i don't remember a time in my life when any ideas which depended on others ever came to fruition.