26 January 2019

"45 YEARS"

21 Shevat 5779

The story of a life-saving letter that was spurned.


  1. Jonathan will be HOME soon enough. It's ALMOST over.

  2. America is no longer like it was lawless, immoral, no govt, white supremacy and neo-nazis,
    Now the country is at war with the people who are with trump and maga hats and gears and those who despise trump and his supporters and attack his supporters harshly
    But the karma is that they used to do this to what they call queers and people of colours and now, the tables have turned and now, the opposition wants more govt to manage society...
    The almighty is turning the tables now against the reshaim (wicked people) and it will only INTENSIFY against them until they make war and it will be their total end!
    But the Jews had better get with the picture and change their ways and come back or they will be caught