26 October 2014

Who's Afraid of Jonathan Pollard?

2 Marcheshvan 5775

Remember back in April when the final 26 terrorists were supposed to be released by the Israeli government and there were actually reports that Jonathan Pollard was coming home? Do you remember why that final prisoner release did not take place? Supposedly, the Prime Minister grew a backbone overnight and put his foot down over the announcement of a unity government agreement between Fatah and Hamas. 

This decision is supposedly what led a few months later to the kidnapping and murder of three yeshivah boys and another war in Gaza which appears to be continuing in Jerusalem up until this very day.  In addition, it left Jonathan Pollard twisting in the wind - yet again!

A more likely scenario is that certain elements within the Israeli government panicked since they are scared witless over the possibility of Jonathan Pollard coming home to Israel and what that might mean for them.

I'm basing that in part on comments made in a Ynetnews interview with Tzipi Livni published online yesterday. It's quite long, so I had not read it in full, but thanks to Esser Agarothsome very revealing comments by the "Justice" Minister were brought to my attention. It's worthwhile for you to be made aware of them as well...
"We reached a point with the Americans at which they were going to release Jonathan Pollard. He was supposed to have arrived here on the eve of Passover. We even discussed the question of how to prevent him from talking after getting to Israel. I was working on drafting a government decision...."
Shocking isn't it? No matter how little we expect from these so-called "leaders" of the Jewish State, it's still shocking how low they can go; how debased and depraved they can be - these pitiful little minds with shrunken and shriveled souls.

Another interesting point is raised a little further along in the interview. I'm sure it will interest you as well...
It appears, we suggest, that the more Jewish the country becomes the less democratic it becomes too.
"I'm very concerned about this trend," Livni responds. "Here, at the Justice Ministry, I am erecting a wall to offer protection against efforts to shake the balance between Jewish and democratic. I used to be concerned about what was happening to the Jewish aspect; now I'm concerned about what is happening to the democratic one.
"The struggle today is over the source of the authority – the state institutions or the rabbi. Among other things, I took steps to prevent Rabbi Eliyahu's appointment to the post of chief rabbi of Jerusalem. Rabbi Eliyahu is afflicted with racism. Some of the rabbis promote anti-democratic views. They have a growing influence. I will protect the justice system from them."
The good news in all this is that when Hashem chooses to bring Jonathan Pollard home - and He will - no power on earth will prevent it. In all likelihood, when that time finally arrives, the Israeli government will have already fallen or it will be on its way out the door.

It's also good to see other people finally admitting that there is a contradiction between a Jewish and a "democratic" state. Israel will only become more Jewish and less democratic as time progresses because that is its predetermined destiny.

HASHEM rules His world, not the likes of Tzipi Livni or even those who pull her strings.