08 July 2014

Elsewhere in the World...

10 Tamuz 5774

The US has once again been caught spying on an ally, but does it inspire any mercy for Jonathan Pollard? Nada! German Leader: U.S. Spy Reports Serious if True

Japan is bracing for the worst as a Super-Typhoon churns its way. Reports say that three nuclear-power plants could be adversely affected, not counting the still limping Fukushima. Super Typhoon Threatens Three Of Japan's Nuclear Power Plants

Ukraine has joined the ranks of those bombing their own people, who are begging Russia to save them. The US says it's their "right." US defends Kiev’s use of airstrikes

The US has opened its southern border to an invasion force of illegal aliens which the media has now labeled "undocumented immigrants." Word is that this is part of a larger plan to turn America into a North American Union - no more border with Mexico to the south or with Canada to the north. They are being picked up and bused or flown to all parts of the country. There have already been stand-offs in a few places where citizens are trying to stop the onslaught.  Maybe this is why the police in the US have been militarized over the past few years. How long until federal drones are raining hellfire on Texas? Dallas-Fort Worth City Plans Heavy Police Presence To Discourage Border Protests

But then, they've got bigger problems coming. The dollar is quickly being abandoned as the world reserve currency and that will absolutely sink the US economy. The BRICs Are Morphing Into An Anti-Dollar Alliance

The maps of Iraq and Syria are being re-drawn daily. ISIS allegedly issues ‘caliphate’ passport ISIL displaces 30,000 people in eastern Syria

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  1. Just open your eyes. America is about to collapse. The big question is whether Hashem will save the Jews or not. It all depends on how close to Torah and Mitzvot American Jews are. In my opinion, we are all going to suffer tremendously for our sins.

  2. Obama requests restraint from Israel as rockets rain down upon the Jewish people. Now
    Super-typhoon Neoguri with 100 MPH winds and waves of up to 14 metres (46 feet) is headed towards Okinawa. Directly in its path is Kadena Air Base, the largest U.S. military base in the region.