13 May 2014

Pesach Sheini - The Second Chance

14 Iyar 5774
Day 29 of the Omer

Quoting from the book Sefiros by Rabbi Yaacov Haber:

Chesed She-be-Hod
Kindness within Beauty

"Today is Pesach Sheini, the time when those people who were impure or on a distant journey were given a second chance to bring the Pesach sacrifice. Those who were outside the camp and unable to join with the rest of the Jewish people were now brought in.

...It is written in the Zohar: The Jewish people receive illumination from above on the first night of Pesach. This illumination lasts for thirty days. After the thirty days there is an announcement in Heaven. "Whoever has not received the illumination of Pesach can do so now, on the fourteenth of Iyar, for seven days and the Heavens will open up for you. After that they will close again...."

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