01 April 2014

"Talks Falling Apart"

2 Nisan 5774

UPDATEPollard dilemma 'on the president's desk,' but no decision made

...while the decision of whether to release him now rests with US President Barack Obama, he has not yet made up his mind, one US source told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.

Pollard's fate is now "on the president's desk," the official said.

Ynetnews is reporting that the 'peace' talks are falling apart:

Abbas moves to join UN bodies in sign talks falling apart
Amid reports of looming deal, Palestinian president cancels meeting with Kerry, announces Palestinians going to UN in hint talks are collapsing.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas signed a document facilitating membership requests for Palestine in some 15 international bodies within the UN, in a move which could indicate peace talks have come to an end.

In another unexpected twist, Jonathan Pollard refused to attend a parole hearing that was scheduled for today, apparently a part of the process for his anticipated release.

US parole commissioner: Pollard waived hearing
Amid reports he could be freed, US spy opts out of parole hearing.

This is very confusing and upsetting since no such hearing should be required. Pollard's release hinges solely on President Obama signing his request for commutation of sentence to time served. The fact that they are talking parole is a sign of a possible end-run around Israel. "We'll let him go, but who said anything about him being allowed to go to Israel?" Correct me if I'm wrong, but can a parolee emigrate from the country where he is serving out his term? I don't think so.

Can you imagine the outcry in Israel if the terms are accepted and Israel releases 420 more terrorists in addition to the remaining 26 and also accepts upon itself another building freeze all so Pollard can get out of prison but remain trapped in the United States??? G-d forbid!

This sounds just like something Paro would concoct!


  1. Well he waived his right for a parole hearing, forcing Obama to pardon him or to commute his sentence. So he won't be trapped in enemy territory. And the US has become enemy territory, hasn't it?

    This is becoming more chaotic by the hour. Danon along with some other Likud rebels is thinking of bringing down the govt. if there is another release of savages. He is asking Bennett to join him. Abbas is applying to join UN committees as a full fledged member state. Each day is a new adventure now.

  2. I can well imagine the outcry - but we can circumvent that, too.

    We should cry out - NOW!!! Jonathan Pollard MUST come HOME and nowhere else, or no deals ever again! What's wrong with these people!?

    CDG, Yerushalayim

  3. I'm sure you already heard that many rabbis, who support Pollard, are against this kind of a deal.

    I'm sure you heard the story of the Maran meRottenberg was imprisoned, and would not allow his students to pay for his release, pidyon shevuyim, as he believed it would encourage non-Jews to kidnap more Jews.

    This was the same argument used against Gilad Shalit's release deal.

    (Of course, now that he's free, I'm glad, but,...)

    So close, and yet so far.

    Perhaps, Pollard was showing the same beliefs as the Maran meRottenberg.

  4. Wow! Dov, you sure got that right!

    Esser, yes, I'm aware. Thanks!

  5. Dov is right on point.

    Danon could be taking his opportunity to look like the hero, eyeing the PM-ship as the prize. I don't think he would have the overall support of the current government, and would need a new one, and win Likud primaries first.

    We must remember that no matter how "heroic" he may seem, Danon's entrance to a more powerful position means Christian influence entering a more powerful position with him, a most disturbing thought.

  6. What is this Xtian connection with Danon? Please explain.

  7. Thanks for sharing! Your post has been included in Haveil Havalim: a weekly roundup of what’s best from the Jewish / Israeli blog world.