26 March 2014

Will the Empty Chair Be Filled This Pesach?

25 Adar Bet 5774

UPDATE: Source: Hope for Pollard freedom not lost


24 Adar Bet 5774

UPDATE: US: No plans to free Jonathan Pollard


Report: US agrees to free Pollard for extended Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

Israel to allegedly free some 20 Arab-Israelis under terms of 3-way compromise that also obligates Palestinian participation in talks through end of 2014. Israeli protesters demand Pollard's release in 2005.

The United States has reportedly agreed to release imprisoned Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard as part of a negotiated compromise to secure the continuation of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, Army Radio reported Wednesday.

Israel, in exchange for the US gesture, will allegedly release another 26 Palestinian prisoners, including some 14 Arab-Israelis.

According to the Army Radio report, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will be obligated under the deal to keep his negotiators engaged in the current round of talks and an extended period through the end of 2014.

Some are already saying that Israel should not agree because Pollard's release is warranted as a matter of justice and should not be linked to a release of terrorists - something that Pollard himself has repeatedly said he opposes. 

But, should this 'deal' go through, it in no way reflects poorly on Jonathan Pollard. As a prisoner, he has no say in the matter. He's being used as a pawn - a bargaining chip. My feeling is that by releasing him in this way, neither the US nor the Israeli regime will get any spiritual credit for having done the 'right' thing by him. I think it has to happen just this way.

I think that his very life is at stake and we should use any means possible to gain his freedom.  Look how many terrorists have already been released back into society with nothing gained in return.

G-d willing, he will be home in time for Pesach, but I'll save the celebration for when his feet actually touch holy ground. May it be the will of the Eternal, HKB"H.


  1. The empty chair will be filled, and Kos Eliyahu will be drunk by the Navi himself. Baruch HaShem!

  2. אמן כן יהי רצון

  3. Amen...Please HaShem...in Your Way complete this...

  4. Amen - to all of the above comments!