15 July 2013

Remembering Jonathan Pollard on His 59th Birthday

8 Menachem Av 5773

We were born in the same year, only 35 miles apart - the distance between Houston and Galveston. But, what worlds we've traveled since then.

For my fellow Texan, my fellow Israeli and my Jewish brother, I pray Hashem's mercy, comfort, love and peace in the present circumstance and that the Holy One, Blessed be He, in whose hands are every detail of our lives, will finally grant every request for your freedom, your life, your health and your future.

When Mashiach, who is already present among us, is finally revealed, you should be the first Jew he rescues!

Jonathan Pollard has now paid SEVEN TIMES the usual penalty for breaking American law.  Today, he is being held as a HOSTAGE by a corrupt United States government which is fast losing all credibility and right to rule in the world due to its perversion of justice and righteousness.

Join me in remembering Jonathan Pollard today - on his birthday.  He's 59 years old and 28 of those years have been spent behind bars - for the sake of Israel!

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  1. B"H - Well said! Let's remember that the same way the US holds Yonatan Pollard hostage, the kofer State of Israel holds Yigal Amir and Jack Tytell hostages. Let's not forget them and let's hope and pray that soon they'll be freed and we'll be able to drive down on Pollard Avenue in most Israeli cities to get to the Amir Medical Center on Tytell Square! Amen! Only G-d knows how much we long for that!