05 March 2012

"And PharaohBama said..."

12 Adar 5772

"Who is the Lord that I should heed His voice to let [Pollard] out? I do not know the Lord, neither will I let [Pollard] out."

The elephant in the room when Netanyahu meets Obamaby Aaron Lerner
...Justice requires the immediate unilateral release of Pollard, with no quid pro quo.

Pleas from both the Prime Minister and President of Israel to free Pollard have been ignored by President Obama.

And all this because America is continuing to hold Pollard until Israel pays some exorbitant, yet-to-be-stated "price."

This isn't diplomacy. It is blackmail.

And a particularly vicious form of blackmail since, as bizarre as it sounds, I understand that American officials have yet to communicate to their Israeli counterparts what they actually want Israel to "pay" to gain Pollard's release.

This isn't the behavior of a trusted ally.

It is an embarrassment which undermines the credibility of the US ­ Israel special relationship.

It is humiliating for the State of Israel as President Obama appears to show such contempt for the Jewish State, while the rest of the world looks on.

It is the anti-thesis of all that the United States of America claims to stand for. President Obama seems to have turned a blind eye to justice, and to humanitarian compassion, in what appears to be a bid to blackmail an ally.

It is not too late to rectify the situation. nor is it too late to set the record straight, and allow justice to finally prevail.

With literally the stroke of a pen, Obama can put an end to this travesty of justice and to the apparent blackmail of an ally.

All it will take is stroke of the President's pen on Pollard's clemency papers so that both countries may be reassured that Israel is dealing with President Obama the statesmen, and not Mr. Obama the blackmailer.

And there is no better time than when Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu meets with Obama....

(The writer is director of IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis)


  1. Now is the ideal time for a deal between the U.S and Israel to free Pollard from jail. I am hopefull , we need to daven and then daven some more for the safety of Jews wherever
    they may be .

  2. ...and there arose a Paroah that knew Yosef not......GET OUT NOW!

  3. when the problem with erev rav will be solved then I'll get out!