07 August 2011

Have a Happier Birthday, Jonathan Pollard!

7 Av 5771

I feel a special kinship with Jonathan Pollard. We're both native Texans, both born in 1954 and of course, we're both Jews. But, that's where the similarity ends. Because while I was raising my children, going to nursing school, and making aliyah, Jonathan was locked up...for the rest of his life!

Today is his brithday on the secular calendar. His Hebrew birthday begins tonight at sunset. This year, as every year, I beg the Ribono shel Olam to have mercy on Yehonatan Ben Malka, that he should have a refuah shleima and be granted his freedom to come home to Eretz Yisrael; that HKB"H would give him long life, good health and a future filled with everything he missed while he was sitting in prison on our behalf.

This should be a far happier birthday this year than you have had in many, many years, Yehonatan, my brother!

There is still movement in high places to obtain justice for him, but we know that ultimately this is the decision of the One Above. Please keep him in mind and daven on his behalf with extra kavannah.