14 April 2011

Deliver Us!!

10 Nisan 5771

Excerpted from the article "The Pollard Momentum" found on the J4JP website:

AS HE ENTERED HIS THIRD decade in prison, convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard - incarcerated since 1985 on a life sentence - may not have been forgotten, but the case for his early release certainly appeared to be cold, with a decreasing amount of attention being paid to it by politicians and the organized Jewish community.

But in the past year, and particularly in recent months, the Pollard case seems to have gotten a new lease on life. Several high-profile former US government officials - among them, most notably, former secretaries of state Henry Kissinger and George Shultz and former attorney general Michael Mukasey - have written public letters to President Barack Obama asking him to consider granting Pollard clemency, while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in early January made a similar official request to the president. At the same time, a growing number of Congressmen, among them Michael Grimm, the first Republican member of the House to publicly come out in support of Pollard, have been adding their names to the list of those calling for the convicted spy to be released from jail.

The rejuvenated campaign on behalf of Pollard is being driven by a new generation of activists who have joined together with a reenergized older generation of supporters and decided to bring his case back into the headlines. Although opposition to Pollard's early release still exists in Washington among some Republicans and members of the intelligence community, the passing of the years appears to have muted this opposition significantly, leaving many to believe that clemency for the convicted spy is closer than ever before.

In this, the season of our deliverance from Egpyt of old, may Hashem see fit to deliver Yehonatan ben Malka from his prison and send Mashiach Tzidkeinu to deliver us, too!!

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