23 December 2010

Yehonatan / Yosef

16 Tevet 5771

His brothers (at the Israeli embassy) threw him into the pit (turned him over to the FBI). And he was sold (all the papers he had passed to the Israeli government were traded to the US in order to salvage "the relationship"). This will be rectified when his brothers are unified in their call for his release.

Rabbi Sitorsky, in his commentary on Vayeisheiv, said that Yosef and Binyamin cannot be separated. They must be together. It is no coincidence that the only Prime Minister to make any serious attempt to obtain Jonathan Pollard's release is Binyamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu to formally call for release of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard

Interesting that Rabbi Glazerson apparently feels that it is permissible to reveal the following information at this time...

Jonathan Pollard in Torah Codes

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  1. Greetings !!!! No good words for the wicked p.m. of Israel .Where has he been all these decades ????? WE DO NOT FORGET NOR FORGIVE ....