05 November 2008

Message from J4JP

The Justice for Jonathan Pollard organization sends the following message:

President Bush will be concluding his presidency shortly. The White House is now busy preparing lists of people the President will pardon when leaving office.

Please consider writing a letter on Jonathan's behalf requesting that he be included in the list. Include your name and address and where you are from in the States (if this applies). Sign it at the bottom and fax it to Pres. Bush at (in Israel) 012-1-202-456-2461 (or 013 0r 014).

Alternatively, you can call the White House to request a pardon for Jonathan Pollard at 012-1-202-456-1414.

[Devash's note: It might be preferable to use the words "commutation of sentence to time served" with regard to Jonathan Pollard rather than "pardon."]

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