05 July 2020

Here We Go Again!

13 Tammuz 5780
Deputy health minister: Second wave worse, more dangerous than first

..."We are in a second wave that is worse and more dangerous than the first one," Kish said at a Knesset Coronavirus Committee session. "We are in a long war of attrition. A sharp rise in the rate of confirmed patients was recorded from 1% mid May to 5% of all tests today."

According to Kish, "the number of confirmed carriers doubled in ten days. There is a large number of new critical patients." The deputy-minister said the outbreak is "spreading across the country."

The rate will "rise to hundreds of new infections," Kish added.
With the ongoing threat of renewed total "lockdown" and increasing ferocity of the authorities in enforcing unreasonable adherence to questionable health orders, it is important to continue to monitor the real trends in this pandemic and to evaluate for ourselves with our own seichel whether the current environment of fear and totalitarianism is justified.  Here is the statistical overview as presented by the World Health Organization:


Looking only at the graph of the numbers of confirmed cases, one would have to agree that a clear "second wave" is in progress; but as we already know, those numbers are easy to manipulate as we have no way of knowing the rate of increase in testing as compared to the first time around as well as how many are asymptomatic. While the number of serious cases has doubled over the past week - from 40s to 80s, the number of those on ventilators is still in the 20s range [and that number is included among the seriously ill count].  If these 86 "serious" cases are the only ones hospitalized, that averages to two coronavirus patients per hospital in Israel, so don't believe any dire warnings of overwhelming the health care system!
Israel hits new high for active coronavirus cases, with 11,189 currently sick

...The Health Ministry reported that 804 new COVID-19 cases were recorded on Saturday, bringing the total number of active patients to 11,189, the highest since the start of the epidemic in Israel.

The Health Ministry said another nine patients were hospitalized in a serious condition, bringing the total number of serious cases to 86, with 29 of them in need of ventilator support.

According to health officials, since midnight Sunday, 130 people tested positive for coronavirus.

...The Coronavirus National Information and Knowledge Center ... put the number of tests conducted on Saturday at slightly above 15,000,....
The numbers of dead are a more reliable indicator in this case and as can be seen, these numbers do not at all indicate a "second wave more dangerous than the first." With nearly the same rate of reported daily infection back in March, there were 19 dead in one day at the worst of it. With a similar reported infection rate for July, four have died from Friday to Sunday.

The second WHO graph above is the true indicator of whether there is currently a second wave.  Do you see it?  I certainly do not.

It is the nature of novel viruses to be more deadly at their initial onset and then to mutate as time goes on to be less lethal.  This is because it is not advantageous for the virus to kill its host.  The goal is to be as infectious as possible for as long as possible so as to replicate and spread far and wide.  That is the job the Creator gave it in this world.  Even when mankind attempts to weaponize a virus in the lab by editing its genetic makeup to make a more lethal killing machine, the Creator is still ultimately in control of it.


The best advice is still to eat and drink nutritionally so as to boost your own natural immune system.  Stay away from obviously ill people, just as you would to avoid any other disease, and pray to be spared the illness and its consequences.  This is your hishtadlut - not a mask! and not closing synagogues! and not stopping weddings!  No one can hide from a virus.  Hashem alone decides who will live and who will die as He has since the beginning of time.


Unknown said...

It is very easy of them to increase testing for this virus to show waves whenever they like. Increaseing testing of people that are coming into the hospital with other problems will of course raise the number of people in the hospital with the virus...

-The Original Me

Unknown said...

The only excuse to impose a draconian lockdown on the healthy population and destroy our economy was to avoid overwhelming the health system with a huge number of patients that hospitals are not able to receive, right? Well, that clearly hasn't happened. Not even close. Also the number of dead has not increased dramatically. If this time there's another attack on people's livelihood and religious liberties, I think it's time to ignore the restrictions and resist full force, even with mass protests like in America if necessary. I don't mind wearing a silly mask, though. It's not something worth resisting. I usually wear it below the chin anyway, so I can breathe normally without getting a ticket. We still have to deal with hundreds of thousands of Israelis who lost their jobs because of this self-imposed crisis. We don't have time for more authoritarian nonsense. I think Bibi knows it.

Devash said...

Exactly. And we've never even addressed the issue of contaminated testing kits!

Coronavirus News: Early COVID-19 tests were likely contaminated, HHS confirms

Coronavirus test kits meant for the UK found to be contaminated with COVID-19

That UK incident was widely reported on April 1, 2020, but even with all that, they still want to claim NOW that it is a conspiracy theory." God save us!

Also, not all tests were created equal.

COVID-19 testing: How antibody, antigen, RT-PCR, TrueNat tests differ, their strengths and limitations

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right, Devash and Unknown. there is so much sheker going on with this manipulated makah. More tests, more positive cases, but usually asymptomatic and who knows how many are being infected with these infected test kits. It smells to high heavens. It's the economy, stupid, as they say. They want to bring down the world economy and make a one world currency, one world religion (ha,ha) and one world government. This is a definite repeat of the Tower of Bavel. We pray for the Geulah speedily but b'rachamim for every emmeser Yid and good peoples. How much longer can the world take of all this craziness!

Neshama said...

A better judge of how bad this could be, is the number of “serious” cases. Of course, patients in hospital settings should never be allowed to reach the serious or critical stage. These denominators are the true level of seriousness.

Devash said...

Neshama, perhaps you have access to a graph of those numbers. I do not.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Israeli minister and all the fear mongers should watch the above Senator Jensen video and learn a thing or two. Israel has become a copy of the U.S. but even acting more globalist than the U.S. The 'left' are the 'left' everywhere and anywhere. Their goal is destruction-seems like H' is using them to speed up the Geulah.