18 April 2020

Preparing For The Next Phase

25 Nisan 5780
Day 10 of the Omer
Shavua tov!

Mixed among the outright propaganda regarding the coronavirus is now information being leaked every day pushing the blame for the pandemic on China.  And like all the other propaganda, the mass public is swallowing it and regurgitating it across social media.
'Come clean': US presses China on coronavirus after lab reports
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urges Beijing to 'open up' on pandemic's origin amid suggestions it came from Wuhan lab.

US alerted Israel, NATO to disease outbreak in China in November — report

China may have conducted low-level nuclear test, US claims
State Department report points to activities at China’s Lop Nur test site last year, though it does not have proof
I suspect that the United States was responsible for the outbreak in China and after having weakened China, is now planning to finish it off with a war.  A world war has been in the making for a long time.  Only HKB"H has been holding it back for the sake of teshuvah, but now that grace period is about to end.
Russia tests anti-satellite missile, US general says

Russia to test its first submarine-based hypersonic missiles

North Korea 'fires multiple suspected cruise missiles'

Iran Deploys Missiles Covering The Strait Of Hormuz

Nearly a dozen Iranian vessels come dangerously close to US military ships in the Gulf, Pentagon says

How the Syrian war is lifted into Libya’s Battle for Tripoli
Restrictions are to be relaxed, but not eliminated, creating a window of opportunity to prepare for another extended period of 'lockdown'. Don't waste any time taking advantage of it.  Now that Pesach has passed, you can stock up on chametz - whatever is non-perishable and will get you through a few months.  With flour, oil and salt, you can have bread every day.  Canned and dried fruit, nuts, rice, dried potato flakes, beans, oatmeal, barley...  Get used to the idea that meat will not be available and possibly eggs, too.  Get honey which can also double as an antibiotic if G-d forbid, anyone gets injured.  Restock your first-aid supplies.  You don't want to call a doctor if you can avoid it.  Stock vitamins to keep up your immune system. 

Keep in mind that Torah, tefillah and mitzvot are always your first line of defense.  Exercise your emuna and bitachon as well as your body and your mind.


HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

Thank you so much for this warning.

Do you have suggestions for people with sugar-intolerant diseases whose systems really don't get along well with flour, spaghetti, rice, potato flakes, cereals, honey and many fruits?

I know that times like these can improve sugar tolerance if there isn't enough food in general. But, so far, it's only a threat, not a promise. ;-)

Many thanks.

Devash said...

What do you usually eat?

HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

Basically low-carb. For example:

For bread and cake-like products, I use almond flour and/or coconut flour, psyllium husk and baking powder along with eggs and water and as needed a minimum of sweetener. On Shabbat/haggim we eat a minimum amount of bread because of the halachic requirement.

Spaghetti is replaced with konjac noodles (which used to be glucomannan pills and way more expensive, even though the noodles are more expensive than flour-based noodles). I guess we can live without that, or store bags of them. Or just make spaghetti noodles from kishu (a zucchini variant available in the Middle East), which is cheaper and probably preservable in the freezer - but I haven't tried that yet.

Fruit: berries only.

Nuts, except for cashews, are pretty much ok.

I make my own chocolate candies with 100% chocolate bars melted in with jam and/or peanut butter with no added sugar or sweetener and put in molds that go in the freezer to cool. Really good and morale boosting!

Unfortunately, none of our favorite no-sugar-added chocolate bars were kosher for Pessah. The best we could find for the hag were 85% pareve chocolate. I didn't make candies for Pessah.

A minimum of beans. I have found that even so-called good grains, like oatmeal, and vegetables like yams don't help. Pumpkin and other gourds in soups are good.

Otherwise we live on...eggs, fish and meat. Aarrgh!

Which reminds me. People can and should save cans of tuna, anchovies, salmon and similar canned fish now according to their taste.

I'm sure others have even more and better ideas as well.

BlueStar said...

Explaining everything - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0dP5Ms5cvY

Anonymous said...

Devash, i'm pasting this to both "Devorah" sites, because it's that important:

I came across an obscure recently-uploaded video wherein a Russian-accented medical guy was indignant at how effective oxygen is, and how the CDC had misled them. (I don't remember the wording, but i recall he was expressing extreme frustration at the CDC.)

Also on the topic of oxidative-therapy, the below is important enough that i hope to post a copy to the other Deborah's blog too, because i don't know how else to get the word out. Whichever of you can help spread the word, please do!! After all, there's no OJ message boards i know of other than "coffeeroom" which favors democrat-intellectuals, and imamother which is inaccessible to non-mothers.

The below therapy is advised separately by several doctors, each in their own way. But they cite Dr.Farr who's the originator of oxidative-therapy.


Dr. Cheng / Dr. Levy

Dr. Shallenberger

Dr. Mercola

P.S. Bear in mind that sometimes "haElyonim L'matah" - just as Mercola is discredited, likewise Zakkai-Zelenko's HChloroquine-protocol has been cavalierly treated by reshaim. Zakkai why? Because mgalglin zechut al ydei zakkai - look how many lives Dr.Zelenko saved.

P.P.S. Why no vBulletin-type message board for shomrei shabbat, not just imamother, to allow discussion-format with eNotifications without involving global-google? And fairly moderated, as there's often radical censorship, to everyone's detriment. There even used to be Mimi's Cyber Kitchen, now gone.

Anonymous said...

Life has become so complicated. I thought bread and salt were the staff of life. Modern life with all its pdeudo-education and pseudo-information has displaced the profound simplicity of TalmudTorah. We have lost our way and the result stares us in our faces.

Supposing the world avoids a complete collapse the trauma of these last weeks will not soon be forgotten. Perhaps we shall return to a
simpler way for the better.

Anonymous said...

Here's a few tidbits how Uncle Samkiel starts it's wars:

USS Maine - Spanish American war

Gulf of Tonkin - Vietnam

Ambassador April Glaspie telling Saddam (blast his bones) that America does not care about arab quarrels. Gulf War 1

Theres way more than these examples out there.

Uncle Samkiel isn't even shy about publicizing its empire building strategy. Here is a sample from key US military strategist Thomas PM Barnett:

"...In recognition of its dual role, the US military should organize itself according to two functions, the "Leviathan" and the "System Administrator."

Leviathan's purpose is the use of overwhelming force in order to end violence quickly. It will take out governments, defend Core countries, and generally do the deterrence work that the US military has been doing since the end of WWII. The Leviathan force is primarily staffed by young aggressive personnel and is overwhelmingly American.

The SysAdmin's purpose is to wage peace: peacekeeping, nation building, strengthening weak governments, etc. The SysAdmin force is primarily staffed by older, more experienced personnel, though not entirely (he would put the Marines in SysAdmin as the " Mini-me Leviathan"). The sys Admin force would work best as a Core-wide phenomenon..."


Let's look at that again: US military industrial complex aka Leviathan will "..will take out governments, defend Core countries, and generally do the deterrence work that the US military has been doing since the end of WWII."

Leviathan? Sysadmin? What they really mean is KILL and ADD territory to the Esau/Edom/Rome.

Uncle Samkiel has absolutely no problem inventing a pretext to invade and add territory to its global empire aka Esau/Edom/Rome.

Time to take the red pill. Uncle Samkiel will kill and conquer over allegations of Chinese biological weapons use. It's almost too good to pass up.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon/MM.
Also, to Anon. @ 6:28 PM: Today's 'bread' is in no way the bread originally written about in the Torah (bread, the staff of life). Actually, it has very, very little nutritional value and is just something to stuff oneself with. Read where the wheat is so useless that even the bugs don't want it. They have depleted everything worthwhile from our food chain. The best we have now is Organic, but probably still not nearly as good as regular produce was a hundred years ago.

Anonymous said...

Does any of you have access to IMAMOTHER, even you, Dvash? Because here's a more expanded / compiled version of my previous post which may help families who wish self-help rather than Triage insanity. I worked many hours on it, so anyone who can, PLEASE help pass on the info! I'm not a "mother" you see, and thus banned, so perhaps i'll just go join the banned corona crowd!

Sorry it's in notepad text as its my first time on TextUploader.


Devash said...

No, I'm sorry. I don't.

HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

I wrote earlier, "I make my own chocolate candies with 100% chocolate bars melted in with jam and/or peanut butter with no added sugar or sweetener and put in molds that go in the freezer to cool. Really good and morale boosting!"

Add coconut oil to this ingredients list and cocoa butter chips, if you have them. The coconut oil helps the chocolate look good and the cocoa butter, along with the peanut butter, helps the candies not melt at room temperature. Sorry I forgot to put them in!