17 February 2020

The Joy of Marrying Off a Child

23 Shevat 5780

I would like to take this opportunity to wish a very big MAZAL TOV to a very special couple who are regular readers and commenters on this blog. I had the great honor and privilege to attend their daughter's marriage this evening in Yerushalayim and it was not only beautiful but very special as well.  I'll never forget it.

Since I'm not sure they would want their names mentioned in full, I'll just say THANK YOU to SB and YB for letting me be a part of their celebration.  My best wishes for every happiness to the chatan and kallah.  They've made a wonderful beginning!!

May we know only simchas!!


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Yakov Butterfield said...

Thank you to everyone for such a special, wonderful wedding!! May we all have Korban Pesach in Jerusalem this year!!
The Women were dancing with Cat Ears and the Men had Purim Army Helmet on at the end. The Family had sweatshirts made up for the wedding that were wonderful, very Israeli. The wedding was so special and everyone was helping me get around since I use a Blind White Cane. To really experience a Jewish Wedding make Aliyah with your children and see them really grow as individuals and Jews. May all our children and grandchildren get married. The school and Teachers of YTA and just living in Eretz Israel did all help our daughter become a true Aishes Hayil. We are so glad you and your family came to the wedding <3.

Devash said...

AMEN!! I'm so glad your daughters are my granddaughters best friends. I have loved having them in my home. They are precious, b'li ayin hara. It was YTA who brought all those girls together and each one is a jewel in her own right. Mazal tov again and soon by your other daughter. ;-)