29 January 2020

"Rabbi Anava Recovery Fund" + Shiurim

3 Shevat 5780

From Rabbi Alon Anava's Facebook page...
Please help!

For Rosh Chodesh Shvat we are launching a fund raising campaign for Rabbi Anava's recovery expenses and financial assistance to his family.

For the past three months Rabbi Anava could not work and support his family.

Rabbi Anava has touched tens of thousands of peoples hearts, helped thousands of people in so many ways and brought tens of thousands of souls back to Hashem.

Now it time for us to show gratitude and support to Rabbi Anava!

Please help us today so we can have Rabbi Anava back helping us!

Click this link to support https://www.atzmut.org/rabbi-anava-recovery-fund

And please continue to pray for his refuah shleimah! of

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