05 January 2020

Gaining Perspective

8 Tevet 5780

Israel looms large in the news and on the world stage.  It's easy to forget how small and vulnerable she really is.  She exists only by the will of her Creator and her Master - HaKadosh baruch Hu.

They say Israel is similar in size to the State of New Jersey. I've superimposed it here in Texas among cities many are familiar with. If New Jersey is Israel here, then Dallas is in Lebanon, Austin is in Egypt and Houston is in Jordan.  That black line between Dallas and Wilmington, North Carolina is the distance from Israel to Iran. Between them lie Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

From yet another perspective (Israel is in red) ...
Courtesy of The True Size
This map locates Israel in Colorado.  Chicago would be in Iran and New York in Afghanistan.  Saudi Arabia would stretch all the way from the bend in the Rio Grande to the panhandle of Florida.  

Here is one for the Aussies...

Which one is the most helpful to your understanding?  Please let me know in the comments.  Shavua tov and besorot tovot!


Unknown said...

In the twenty-first century, a country's power is not measured by geographic size. Iran is a paper tiger.

Lowell Joseph Gallin said...

Really good maps.