07 January 2020

"Death Comes From the Sky"

11 Tevet 5780

In 2005, I had a dream that seemed to me to be of a prophetic nature, but although I've talked about it many times and many times thought we were on the verge of its realization, it hasn't quite come about as anticipated.  However, if it is destined to come true - God forbid! - it may really be about to happen this time.  I don't really know why it would be helpful to know unless it is giving us a chance to plead for mercy.

The full moon figured prominently in this dream as the time of its fulfillment.  I expected it could be any full moon, but maybe the fact that it is me who is seeing it points further to the fact that I have a special connection to a particular full moon.  My birthday is on the 15th of Shevat.

I rehash all this just now because of what I saw over at Debka...
February 11, Iran’s Revolution Day, marks estimated revenge timeline for Soleimani’s death

Tehran and Washington are on a straight line to collision, DEBKAfile’s military sources report. Tehran is unshakably resolved to avenge the death of its top general Qassem Soleimani, while the Americans are deep in preparations for counteraction.

...Every hour since Jan 3, when the US killed its iconic general, shows Tehran to me more intent on avenging his death, while American forces are stepping up major preparations against this collision across the Middle East and as far as the Indian Ocean.

...According to current estimates by DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources in the West and in Israel, the Iranians are deep in extremely thorough preparations for a military escalation with the US in the second week of February.

...This time frame is highly significant since on Feb. 11, the Islamic Republic celebrates the anniversary of its Shiite Revolution. An onslaught on the US military would be the most appropriate form of celebration, in the view of its current leaders – especially in Iraq, where the American presence stands in the way of dominating their most coveted territory of influence.

...Mohsein Rezaei, Expediency Council secretary and adviser to Iran’s supreme leader, said at Tehran’s huge Monday ceremony: “Iran’s revenge against America for the assassination of Soleimani will be severe … Haifa and Israeli military centers will be included in the retaliation.”
February 11 just happens to be the 16th day of Shevat - still a full moon. And we don't believe in coincidences.

Following below is a detailed description of this dream for those who were not readers back in 2012 when this was originally posted.

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13 Cheshvan 5772

What can I say? It's scary, but I'm not afraid. I know Who is in control. But, Iran is very much on my mind as it probably is for all the thinking people of the world. Everyone must on some level sense that something really big is looming. I feel like the last few weeks have been the quiet before the storm. That's why I kept expecting something - something coming from the skies.

I had an unusual dream in March of 2005 - before Aza became a launching base for Hamas missiles in late 2005; before Hezbollah rained down missiles on northern Israel in 2006 and even before Achmadinejad was elected president of Iran. This is how I described it in an email to a friend in April 2005:

It was night-time and I was in a high place overlooking the coastal plain. (The way it looks from Hwy 1 at Sha'ar Haggai, except it was a completely unobstructed view). I could clearly see the city lights from Ashkelon all the way to Haifa. In the area of Tel Aviv-Herzliya, the lights formed a grid of Stars-of-David.

Something bright in the corner of my left eye caught my attention and when I looked, at first, it was a star and then it was the full Moon with wings and it was hovering. As I looked at it, a death's head (skull) spread across it's face as if it was turning from facing the west to look at me. Suddenly it shot off in the direction of the coast, moving from east to west and the words "death comes from the sky" entered my mind.

I was outside under pine trees like in the Jerusalem forest and it was night-time. A woman wearing a snood came along and told me we had to quickly get into shelters underground and I went down a ladder into a hole in the ground, but I felt that we were safe there.

Immediately upon awakening, I had a clear sense of the dream's meaning.

The high place where I am protected is Jerusalem. The connection between the stars of David and Tel Aviv-Herzliya is this---stars of David are the traditional symbol for the modern secular state of Israel and their connection to the Tel Aviv-Herzliya area is obvious. Tel Aviv represents Israeli materialism and abandonment of G-d - the secular state that wants to be like all the other nations. It is where the Defense department is located and from where Israel's wars are managed, signifying reliance on military might. Jerusalem is its opposite---Jewishness as opposed to Israeliness; spirituality and clinging to G-d.

The "flying from east to west" indicates that the danger is coming from the east. It is a missile attack---missiles will rain down from the sky. It could be from Arabs in the cities of Shomron, but my sense was that it would be Iran---Iranian missiles.

The Moon is indicating the time of the attack---the full moon.

So, what intrigues me the most about this dream is that, at that time, there was no logical reason to make an association with Iran. And while the coast from Ashkelon and south and from Haifa and north have been hit, until today, the area betwen Ashkelon and Haifa - which I saw in the dream - has not been hit by missiles.

Today's news is reporting that Israel will attack Iran's nuclear facilities with logistical support from the US either next month or soon after the first of the year 2012. We've been hearing this off and on it seems like forever. I remember when April 2006 was being touted as doomsday for Iran. But, since the IAEA report which came out late Tuesday, the Israeli government now has carte blanche to attack Iran, which it did not possess before. The world is no longer denying that Iran has intent to build and use nuclear weapons.

However, I do not believe that it will happen this way. I have every expectation of an Iranian pre-emptive strike - just like in my dream. If they become convinced that an attack is imminent, why would they wait for it? They believe G-d is on their side. They do not have to consider the political ramifications. Furthermore, if they are to be the ones who bring down Edom, as our sources indicate, they must do so from a position of strength which would not be possible in the aftermath of an Israeli or NATO coalition first-strike.

I am of the opinion, as are others, that Iran already has one or two nukes in reserve that were sold to them by North Korea. (They are the only ones who possess such weapons who are cash-strapped enough to risk it.) I think our government will be caught unawares and this failure, among others, will lead to the downfall of the Erev Rav-lead secular state. (More on that later, iy"H.)

Today, Uncle Sam may think he is going to contribute intelligence and logistical support from the sidelines, but the Creator has in mind to draw him firmly into the thick of it. ("...for I have brought Eisav's calamity upon him, the time when I will call him to account. ...Bozrah will be made desolate, a shame, a ruin and a curse; and all its towns will suffer eternal destruction." Yirmiyahu 49:8, 13)

How might that happen? As I said yesterday, it looks as if the world is being painted into a corner where East and West will end up in the ultimate showdown and Jewish sources corroborate this. (More on this later, too, G-d willing. Time is pressing.)

Bear in mind that the 15th of the month of Cheshvan is Shabbat Kodesh, but the moon will appear to be "full" for a day or two either side of that date. Also, bear in mind that the 17th of Cheshvan is the anniversary of the worldwide deluge - the Mabul -the Flood of Noah.

There are two ways to kasher utensils, either by water or by fire. G-d once purified the world in water and at the End of Days, He will purify it with fire.


leah said...

About 4 years ago I had a dream. I sit near a large closed window and look with interest at the moon. She was unusually large and bright for that time. Then I turn to the husbands and say Look what a moon! And suddenly I see a black horizontal line crossed the moon in the middle of it , I got scared! I called my husband again! Suddenly I see the moon become completely black! I got really scared! Then I see a huge rocket is heading towards the mall, I realized that this is Iran. I realized there's nowhere to run and I woke up.

I knew that it was a prophetic dream. About a year ago, someone describes in a chat room sod1820 a similar dream with the moon and rockets, but it ends well.

Devorah said...

a dream can take up to 22 years to be fulfilled.

Anonymous said...


In my humble opinion, the symbolics of the FULL MOON in your dream may be hinting to the following concepts:

1. The "FULL MOON" is how the approaching rockets are looking in the night sky. In order to see the truth of my observation, you could watch the videos of the Iranian rocket strike on the US bases in Irak during today's night;

2. According to Kabbalah and Zohar, the concept of MOON is spiritually rooted in the Sefirat Malchuth, and Malchuth seems to hint in our context to the comming of Mashiah Ben Yosef, as the whole concept of Mashiah is also rooted in the Sefirat Malchuth.

3. The shape of a FULL MOON is as round as a circle, and Kabbalisticaly the shape of a circle is hinting to the concept of Igulim ("circles"), which according to the Ari"zal, is connected to the Feminine Side, which is the same as the Left Side, which is the Side of Gevurah, the forces of Severe Judgement.

To summarize these three hints, it seems to me, in my humble opinion, that one of the messages of your dream may be telling us that the comming war in the State of Israel would be connected to the current war between USA and Iran, and spiritualy this war will be rooted in the process of comming of Mashiah Ben Yosef, and that during this war in Israel, the forces of Severe Judgements will be running the world in their full strength, like the fullness of the moon in your dream.

May Hashem protect all those who are deemed worthy to survive the comming war of Gog and Magog, the very painful process of the "death of Mashiah Ben Yosef" (who must die, according to our Midrashim), before they will be merited to survive to greet the Mashiah Ben David, the final saviour of the Redemption.

David from Europe

leah said...

i forgot to say it was a full moon.

Devash said...

Or maybe it won't wait til then. Maybe Israel will be targeted on the 15th of Tevet...


Devash said...

Thanks so much for sharing that! It makes sense that if it really is "prophetic," the vision will likely be shared by many people.

Devash said...

Wow, thanks! I did not know that.

Devash said...

Interesting analysis. However, the Vilna Gaon said, even in his day, that the Jewish people had suffered enough that Mashiach ben Yosef no longer had to die.

Devash said...


Anonymous said...

Given the many prophetic scenarios, one much dicussed a some years back and now not so much, seems relevant again. Namely the Midrash in the Yalkut of three wars middle eastern wars. As I remember it according to the Yalcut: One on land(invasion of Iraq 1991 (first gulf war-ended 4am erev Purim). One on the sea: (missiles from ships aganst Iraq (4am erev Purim 2003) starting the second gulf war. The Yalkut concludes and finally, one at the Gates of Jerusalem... hasn't happened as of yet...?

A Rav(source) asked about of a war between Edom and Ishmael during the medieval period noted, if the war is fought with swords Edom will win because Esav lives by the sword. However if it is fought by bows and arrows Ishmael will in win because Ishmael will be an archer, roveh kashet. What is todays analogy? ... missiles/arrows, sword/tanks,infantry!?

Finally, in this weeks Parsha, Yaakov Avino says, with my sword and bow I conquered the Amorite, but we have no such event in the Chumash. Explains the Shas:BB. This refers to the two types of prayer that Yaakov prayed. With the sword refers to the fixed traditional prayers, just as a sword is fixed to the belt. With the bow(bakashat) refers to personal prayer requests(bakashot).
מעשה אבות סימן לבנים the deeds of the fathers are a sign for the children. Thus Israel is delivered thru prayer.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Yoseph's dreams took twenty two years to be fulfilled.

Devash said...

Ah! You're right! He had to have those dreams at a time when their fulfillment made no sense at all. At that time no one could conceive of any situation that could develop wherein Yosef's family would ever come and bow before him.

Devash said...
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Anonymous said...

Also, our great rabbis say that the harsh judgments in the wars was in WWII. The Jews have suffered enough. Also, it is said that H' will build this new world with chesed. Olam Chesed Yibaneh!

Anonymous said...

Speak of "Eisav", the irony, is that i feel Democrats are much more like Eisav, yet they were opposed to retaliating vs. Solomeini which ratcheted things up. So i'm not sure what's meant in this article by "Eisav". True, there are many respects in which Trump evidences Eisav, and that's, for example, that he has neglected the case of Pollard, and also, that he's neglected the need to abolish the century of U.S. Unhealthcare.Sickcare by, for example, accelerating Adult stem-cell therapies, and other advanced repaircare technologies. As well, he has been traitorious toward the Kurds - meshalem raa tachat tova. No doubt there's more examples which don't come to mind.

Anonymous said...

Who says it's necessarily chodesh Sh'vat - that may be a decoy to throw people off. It could be in a few days. I say this 2nd sentence based on two guests who spoke on a late-nite U.S. radio show. I'd rather not say more, since too much has already been conjectured over the years.

Anonymous said...

oops...that's what i responded up above, prior to reading this. (Based on 2 guests on a U.S. radio show. One also mentioned possibility of airplanes.

Anonymous said...

Speak of suffering - i wonder who the following are gilgulim of, because i can see no other reason. It's said that China has been torturing its citizens in a way never seen before, aside from horrible surveillance. I.E. placing millions into extremely cramped cells. Were there millions in past centuries who have also done this? It defies imagining.