07 January 2020

Cyberspace Is Buzzing

10 Tevet 5780

Here is hoping and praying that our fasting, prayers and teshuvah will be accepted on high and that it will be enough to render the decision of the beit din shel malah in favor of rebuilding the Beit HaMikdash this year!

Rav Yoshiyahu Pinto reportedly said on Hoshanah Rabbah that he feels very strongly that in the days and weeks to come the world situation is going to change completely.  Someone will be killed, someone very well-known in the world... [I couldn't make out the rest, nor could I clearly hear Rav Pinto's words.  If anyone can offer a better summary, please do so in the comments. [Listen HERE.]  (h/t/ JK)

At Hanukkah, a 9-yr-old Israeli boy had three successive dreams of Rav Ovadia Yosef telling him to publicize to the Jews that Mashiach is about to be revealed and the Beit HaMikdash is about to descend and we will welcome the geulah shleimah.  Everyone needs to know that there's no more time.  [Listen HERE.]  (h/t JK)

Although I no longer endorse the messages of the autistic boys simply because I no longer know what to think about them, for those who are still interested in what they have to say, Daniel and Binyamin have issued similar warnings in the past couple of months. [See HERE.]

Shirat Devorah's most recent blog post makes note of the fact that Trump has threatened Iran with hits to 52 of their sites and that 52 is also the gematria of Magog.  I noted that Drudge shared a headline about 52 jets participating in a training exercise, but Air Force authorities denied that number was anything more than a coincidence.  If so, then it's also a 'coincidence' that 52 is double the number of Hashem's 4-Letter Name.  That says to me that Hashem is the one orchestrating all of it.

Rabbi Glazerson has several new videos on Torah Codes which you may peruse HEREwith one dealing specifically with the event of The Iranian General Suleimani's death, which follows below.

If I recall correctly from previous lessons, the decree which was determined on Yom Kippur  is sealed on Hoshanah Rabbah, but does not become final, as someone once told me, it doesn't go in the mail, until Hanukkah.  Until then it can be changed for the good.

If so, then we can understand why the world has suddenly entered a brand new phase since the end of the Hanukkah holiday.  And it would appear that not enough people did proper teshuvah from love of HKB"H, so that now the fear from a Third World War might be employed to bring it about, as explained by our sages: "Rabbi Eliezer holds that if they do not repent, Hashem will raise up a king as harsh as Haman and then they will repent."  

Just keep repeating: "Ayn od milevado."


Devash said...

Apologies to the 27 people who tried to read this unfinished blog post before it was ready. It published on accident while I was working on it. I hope everyone gets to see the finished product. This message apparently really wanted to get out. ;-)

Devash said...

In light of current events, it might be worth your time to re-ead this earlier blog post: Amalek is alive and well and living in Iran

Lowell Joseph Gallin said...

Dear Tomer Devorah, Your words are and will always remain a PILLAR OF STRENGTH in Troubled Times. Let us hope that 2020 (5780-5781) is the Year of HaShem's Hammer and Biblical Boomerang.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that 9-year old boy is amazing. As for harsh kings, Baghdadi, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong Un, Hitler, Stalin & Pol Pot come to mind, but there may be others as bad. Anyone know? And which is the worstest?
Was Haman as bad as any of the above? Titus for sure was,
but doesn't it state "machshava raa eino k'maaseh"?
Was Hitler truly a reincarnation of Haman?