26 October 2019

Just What Is Avigdor Lieberman Afraid Of?

28 Tishrei 5780

If I were a psychologist, I would diagnose Avigdor Lieberman as deophobic.  It's a Latin + Greek word for "fear of God," but not the righteous kind we call yira Shamayim.  This is the kind more in keeping with an irrational hatred and a desire to be rid of the object of hatred.  There are quite a number of people afflicted with this condition living in Israel today.  For their own good, I'd advise that they make a permanent change in location.  The situation as it is developing in Israel now is not conducive to their future mental health.
Israel military is becoming ‘army of God’ says Lieberman

...according to the country’s former Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman, ... Israel’s military has now become the “army of God”.  

...Lieberman, who made the comment in reaction to a booklet authored by senior rabbinical figures, which contained instructions for religious Jewish soldiers on how to avoid interactions with women forbidden by Jewish law, said that the Israeli army was becoming “Hashem’s army” (God’s army). He also criticised the interference of Rabbi saying: “This … booklet for religious soldiers on the halachic laws of modesty, written by military rabbis … with the support of senior rabbinical figures, is yet another proof of the growing radicalisation of religious Zionism that is being led by the ultra-Orthodox wing.”

Russian born Lieberman, who also served a short stint as foreign minister, explained that the radicalisation of the Israeli army was a reflection of wider society. “This attempt to turn the IDF into the ‘army of Hashem,’ with conduct resembling that of a haredi [ultra-Orthodox] kollel, is part of the same messianic worldview that has penetrated Israeli society and which seeks to damage the fabric of life and the status quo on religion and state issues,” he said.

Lieberman concluded the post with a call for the booklet to be banned and rabbis that endorsed it to be barred from the Israeli army. “The distribution of this booklet to IDF soldiers must be forbidden,” wrote Lieberman, and “the rabbis who sign it prevented from serving in reserves or lecturing to soldiers.”
If only it were so!!


Lea said...

The hole that will open up under him...

Zaidy said...

"Due to the cursed exile, the Jews lived among non-Jews whose foreign culture destroyed their Jewish souls. They were victims of its influence and drew from its evil waters. Not only did that culture bring them to heresy and sacrilege, but it distorted and falsified the Torah's purity, it perfection and truth, by introducing its twisted, alien ideas even into the hearts and minds of fine, upstanding Jews, learners of Torah.
Indeed, this is the root of evil in our day, and there is no greater, more important or essential task than to eradicate that root, blighted with gall and wormwood. Unless we halt the penetration of foreign culture, then all the false, distorted, alien thought and the dreadful hodgepodge which have infiltrated into our midst will remain in the Torah. It is, therefore, the call of the hour to restore the Torah to its truth by purging the evil from within us, by uprooting the strange, alien concepts of the foreign culture.
This is Israel's task -- to return to the pristine truth of G-d's Torah, to know the L-rd as G-d, single and unique, standing alone, and to spread this knowledge among all the nations throughout the world. Then, they will all accept G-d's yoke, His ways, and His great, lofty attributes, which are the ways of absolute truth, absolute holiness, ultimate lustre, splendor, glory and supreme beauty."

OR HARA'AYON, by Rabbi Meir Kahane

As you have stated in earlier blogs, this is a war for the hearts and minds of our people. WAKE UP JEWS!

Devash said...

Nobody can say it quite like Rabbi Kahane said it. Thank you!

Noise Blockers and Other Remedies said...

Fear no man. It's all distraction. In the end there will be no elections, and all of this hyperbolic activity will serve only as a test of who kept their tongues from speaking LH.

Orna Nitzevet said...

Shavuah tov.
And again, is his mother Jewish or is he another Ariel Sharon, a non Jew?
For he do not appear to be any of the MIZRAHIM radiated in the 50.ties to destroy teir seat of EMUNA, amygdala! So the only explanation to me would be,that he have NO JEWISH NESHAMA and is NO CHELEK HASHEM, what would explain his fear very clearly. Yes these people have tremendeus fear of TORA, OLAM HABA, KOSHER FOOD,KDUSHA OF ANY TYPE and are scared to death that all JEWS start to worship HAKADOSH BARUH HU with all OUR HEART,what would mean that ARIEL SHARONS AND EVEDS of sameh would cease to exist by lack of our darkness and the intensity of LIGHT that is to come by US BEING ONE IN SERVING HASHEM, the ARMY OF G'D INCLUDED!

Esser Agaroth said...

Like so many, he wants to do what he wants, not what HaShem wants, assuming he even believes in HaShem. How does he tolerate his children and wife observing any mitzvot? Curious.

moshe said...

In the meantime, this turncoat (Erev Rav) has the nerve to call the army the'army of G-D', when this same army is trying to 'force' chareidi girls to be drafted into the army. This doesn't happen in any 'democratic' country in the world. The army is really trying to do the opposite of what he is saying. He has one goal which is to make Israel just like the other nations of the world and make it a country of its citizens; in other words, a non-Jewish country. He has the rest of the world to go and make it his home but,I guess, he likes the weather and beauty of Israel and wants to force his thinking on the Jewish people. Talk about chutzpah!

Rachel said...

WAIT A MINUTE. Does no one else see the irony here? He fears having the IDF turn into the army of G-d, so why on earth is he insisting on charedi enlistment? You'd think he's want to keep them far away!

moshe said...

Rachel, he sees it as a way of the 'army' secularizing these chareidim, even if some of the chareidim have some influence on secular soldiers, they know (because of human nature) that the secular will cause more damage to the religious, r'l, than the reverse.

Rachel said...

Well hopefully it is not that easy to chase the yiras shamayim out of our people, and by forcing them into the army against their will, they will have the opposite of the effect that rasha wants.

Esser Agaroth said...

Moshe is right here. The Haredi Draft issue has never really been about the Haredi Draft.