16 September 2019

"The Point of No Return"

16 Elul 5779

This may actually be "IT" - the point of war between Persia and Edom, otherwise known as WWIII.
(Debka Breaking News) Iran launched nearly a dozen cruise missiles and more than 20 drones from its territory in the attack on key Saudi oil facilities in Saturday, a senior Trump administration official told ABC News on Sunday night. Houthi rebels in Yemen claimed responsibility for the assault, but the senior US official said that was false. “It was Iran. The Houthis claim credit for something they did not do.” President Donald Trump tweeted that there was “no evidence the attacks came from Yemen,” adding “There is reason to believe that we know the culprit, are locked and loaded depending on verification, but are waiting to hear from the Kingdom as to who they believe was the cause of this attack, and under what terms we would proceed!”
And every Jew should know, if he doesn't already, that following on these reports is a flood of accusations being brought across the globe that Israel is the real culprit, that this was a "false flag" attack perpetrated by Israel in order to force Trump into a war he doesn't want, for the sake of Israel.

Here we stand at nearly the halfway point of our period of teshuvah, and I don't think any of us has a proper appreciation for the dire situation we find ourselves in today.  Every Jew in the world is standing under a Sword of Damocles this morning.  In Eretz Yisrael, we could be the next target of Iran's missiles and drones.  And they are unlike anything we have ever seen from Hamas or Hizballah.  In chu"l, every antisemite is burning up inside at the thought of Jews being at the center off yet another global conflagration.  "See," they'll say, "Jews can't get along with anyone.  As long as there are Jews in the world, there'll never be peace."  That's what they think; that's what they'll say to each other, and that's what will fuel the outbreak of pogroms.  Yes, it's coming.  Let there be no illusions about that.  And there is nowhere to run and hide.  It seems we may have reached the point of no return.

Where is our Esther and Mordechai to call all Jews to true and lasting repentance before it is too late?!


  1. The letter MEM SHIN HEH - dividing up the people in 3 divisions - fire, water and air. Together we combine our souls to cleave as one to Hashem - it is the left pillar, the right and the middle that align like the menorah we have to stand steady and be ready to bring down the light that is now coming in and internalize it. There is reward for all suffering. Which are you? A mem? Do you flow, do you light fire or are you of air? The issue is now to balance and release to each side - to free-flow with that which is your opposite. Whoever understand these things will be with one with Hashem.

  2. These are the current headlines on Drudge:

    Drone attack on Saudi oil seen as 'Pearl Harbor' moment...
    Reveals supply fragility...
    Blasts, Blazes Shake Residents...
    Spectre of $100/barrel...
    Iran says ready for war after accusations...
    WSJ: Trump Has Few Options...
    Kuwait probes another drone sighting...

    It could be another false alarm, but like the fire department, we have to respond just in case it's not.

    I recommend getting your Rosh Hashanah shopping done early (2 weeks worth). Stock up on supplies as if a Hurricane Dorian is coming your way. Keep your devices charged up. Fill any prescriptions you might need. At the same time, daven, say Tehillim, do teshuvah, mitzvot and acts of kindness.

    This war is destined. We have been watching and waiting a long time as both sides kicked the can down the road. But, it really looks to me as though we've reached the end of it.

    Finally, put 100% of your faith and trust in HKB"H, hang on tight to HIM and all will be well with you. This is all from HASHEM and He is doing it all for US!!

    This week's haftarah: "Behold! Darkness shall cover the earth, And thick clouds the peoples; But upon you the LORD will shine, And His Presence be seen over you."

  3. I think the word purification is most apt. Good advice if we will still be in this mundane world, or another.

  4. Yoma 10a: Edom to destroy Paras(Persia). How can that be? asks the Gemora. Paras built (Cyrus authorized) the Temple. Rome(Edom) destroyed the Temple. Responds the Gemora, Nevertheless!!!Afterthat Edom rules the world for nine months(birthpangs). Then Mashiach comes.