02 August 2018


22 Menachem Av 5778

America's biggest problem is that it wants to force everyone else to be American, too. Unfortunately, American Jews are mostly more American than Jews.
US Jewish federations slam nation state law as ‘a step back for all minorities’
In unusual rebuke, umbrella Jewish organization urges government to address 'very real' concerns of Druze community

...“Jewish Federations stand shoulder to shoulder with the Druze community and urge Israeli legislators to work with the community as soon as possible to address their very real concerns,” it said.
And speaking of the Druze, a lot of Jews are in for a very rude awakening as to the true nature of this decades-long relationship.
Druze leader accuses Netanyahu of leading Israel to an ‘apartheid state’
Netanyahu cuts meeting with community leaders short after accusations; Druze activist calls author of legislation a 'Nazi'


  1. A real eye opener about Assimilation in America and Jews is: "The Lies They Tell" by Tuvia Tenenbom https://www.amazon.com/Lies-They-Tell-Tuvia-Tenenbom/dp/9652299111

  2. B"H

    Many Druze cops take the side of the Arabs. There have been quite a few incidents of Druze policemen working in the Old City of Jerusalem as well as around Damascus Gate.

    If Jews are in trouble, lots of Druze prefer helping the Arabs. They talk to each other in Arabic and have coffee together.

    A Jewish cop once said to me:

    "What we need is more JEWISH policemen in the Old City!"

  3. The bottom line is that H' gave Eretz Yisraael to the Yehudim, ONLY! When we get too comfortable, as most Jews always do, wherever they are and become too integrated with the surrounding goyim, H' makes sure to wake us up. The true natures come out and the foolish Jew is shocked that maybe they really don't love us!
    Not having 'Jewish' leadership from the start of the State has caused all these problems, but never has it shown up as much until now when the whole leadership is Erev Rav.

  4. The are a couple of elephants in the room that Israelis can't or won't face.

    1- The Reform and Conservative leadership are chiefs without Indians. Most all Reform and Conservative temples are filled with Halachic non Jews and at most there are 2 million Halachic Jews in America.

    2- Americans are not Israel's "BFF". Israel meets certain American interests to maintain the show. Beyond that, they hate Israel and they hate Jews.

    3- The Druze are not the "BFF" of Israel. They do not identify with the state and if the medina fell they would slaughter the Jews also.

    Some day all these lies will fall. The only Jews left in America will be the various Orthodox groups. America will fall one day economically and take leave for history. The druze will revolt against the state like the israeli arabs did.

  5. It wasn’t so clear and I’m sure you thought about it when writing. Did you mean, American Jews are (mostly) more American than more Jewish (Jews)? I also see a division between those living “American style” Jewish - and the Staunchly devoted followers of Rebbe Yoel, who BTW passionately love the ERetz Yisrael of our Avos, but not the zionistic government. Living too long in any foreign land erodes one’s Jewishness. Rav Kook or the Gabon I believe wrote about that.

    1. According to Tuvia Tenenbom in his book "The Lies They Tell" the non Torah Jews in America are so assimilated into America that that they are Americans in Culture, Lifestyle, Food, Language, and Religon and not Jews or "Jews in Name Only". According to Pew "A Portrait of Jewish Americans"(2013)"finds a significant rise in those who are not religious, marry outside the faith and are not raising their children Jewish".

    2. The truth is that the Pew report spreads a very wide net to catch some very questionable "fish". Pew does not count Halachic Jews. If someone answers their survey that they are Jewish... PRESTO a Jew is created. Using this method Pew creates millions of Jews out of thin air. While it is true that there are millions of people of Jewish descent in America, these people do not affiliate with Jewish institutions or communal life. Probably the majority are 2 to 3 generations removed from the Jewish community and are several generations intermarried. At most there are 1 million orthodox jews and maybe another million non affiliated halachic Jews who still consider themselves Jewish. Mind you this is WITH the massive infusion of russian and israeli jews who immigrated to america.

    3. If you really read the report you will be shocked by the number of Jewish Non Jews such as Jews for ___ or someone who is a Jew-In-Name-Only who has only been in Temple once. They say: "God made Gay people and God doesn’t make junk." "The things you read in the bible were written by God’s inspiration." "God did not say to do those things in the bible and God doesn’t have a cause and effect on what we do." " I do not believe God is in control of our lives,"  "Your belief is stuck in the dark ages." and so on... I will not talk about the Fake Conversions of Shiksas.