04 July 2018

Turning Up the Heat on the 'Piece-makers'

21 Tamuz 5778

As they get closer to unveiling the "Deal of the Century," the consequences just to having the discussions is getting more extreme. What will happen to them if they actually attempt to carry out their ill-conceived plan?
4th July weather: Deadly heatwave expected to hit huge swathes of US on Independence Day
Large swaths of the United States are expecting scorching temperatures and humidity that are expected to last until after the Fourth of July celebrations, when America celebrates its independence as a nation.
Nearly 80 million people will remain under a heat advisory or warning Tuesday, and some places in the eastern US will see temperatures reaching 100 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit (38 to 43 degrees Celsius).
The advisories and warnings stretch from central Virginia, all the way north to eastern Maine. That’s a swath of the US that includes some of the largest cities in the United States, including the Philadelphia and New York City metropolitan areas.
"We don't have fires now, we have MEGA-fires."

And it's not just the US at risk...
Prince William's pledge after Israel and Palestine visit: 'Middle East peace will be my lifelong mission'
This announcement was followed by this report...
UK weather forecast: Summer 2018 to be 'HOTTEST EVER' as 24hour Level 3 heat alert issued


  1. Take that reshaim and filthy nation called americs, here is to your golden calf and poisons

    1. Jack... Please. I must take issue with your statement above. There are many good Torah observant Jews stuck in this filthy nation because Hashem has not yet taken us out for one reason or another. Many of us long to leave. You are wishing us to burn in hell along with the reshaim? tsk tsk tsk...

  2. Oh please, for the majority, if they wanted to leave, they would sell their homes, pack their bqgs and leave...
    For those that can not because they are ill, they can not leave legally, those who are helping other Jews in America, they need to have full trust and faith in the one above that he will protect them in any way that he can.
    In ancient Egypt, it is not that the Jews were not able to leave, they simply did "not want to leave" because they were enjoying their idols to idly despite what the Egyptians did to the and how they threw their babies in the river for crocks to eat., in Europe during the enlightment and third Reich, the Jews did not listen to their leaders on the Nazis and not only did they not want to leave, they never even repented until the end and the best way to save them was through the holocaust. .
    The point is that the situation for the Jews in America is similar to the enlightment and most simply do not want to leave and do not want to repent but this is the final generation before moshiach and it is not enough to come to Israel, we all need to fix ourselves and correct our ways and rid ourselves of the accursed golden calf and when we do, we can come to Israel and really prepare for the redemption easier and it is not easy to be real Jew in one country where the only g-d they have Is the golden calf but in the endZ there will be huge war all over the world and there will be no planes and almost no way to escape America and many other countries and the golden calf will be finished for all times and the Jews at that point had better take themselves into account and get serious