05 July 2018

"Solidifying the Barrier"

23 Tamuz 5778
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Pinchas - Mevarchim

I can't believe how fast Chodesh Tamuz has flown by. It's already almost Chodesh Av!

Rabbi Mordechai Sitorsky

Parashat Pinchas: Solidifying the Barrier



  1. ...and may Chodesh Menachem Av fly by as fast, too. At least the first nine days...then it has to slow down for the good part. ;)

    Shabbat shalom, Devash and readers.

  2. Shalom, thanks as always for sharing your insightful posts. I'm a frequent visitor of your blog.

    Rabbi Mizrachi is making a special shiur in Brooklyn, NY this Wednesday, July 11th. I noticed you post his lectures relatively often.. I'm not sure what percentage of your readers are in NY, but if you think your readers would find it interesting, here's the flyer if you'd like to post it to your blog: https://ibb.co/nmQ0cT

    Kol ha'Kavod

    Dovid S.