17 July 2018

Blame It On America!

5 Av 5778

From New York to San Francisco, that's where it all started in 1970 - The Pride Parade - a wanton celebration of rebellion against God in the name of freedom and equality.

And from there, like so many impure things, it was exported to the world, including Eretz Yisrael

This perversion began to be promoted openly in Israel from 1974, but it remained an illegal and forbidden relationship in Israel until 1988. It was ten more years until the first Pride Parade in Tel Aviv. (See more facts here.) Jerusalem followed five years later.

This year, 2018, was hailed as a 20-year milestone in Tel Aviv and the astounding figure of 250,000 attendees was reported with awe. But, readers should be aware that foreigners make up a very large percentage of attendance at these events.
Tens of thousands of international tourists joined the sea of marchers, flying into Israel especially to take part in the parade.
The UK’s Ambassador to Israel, David Quarrey, joined the marchers on a London-themed float donated by the British embassy.
Cordelia Lange, from Germany, said Tel Aviv is "a very vibrant city, it's a city that embraces everything connected to gays, lesbians and LGBT...." (Source)
The vast majority of the public is not in favor of this. Am Yisrael is having this forced upon them. 

 And we are not the only ones suffering this indignity. It is official US policy to export "gay rights" to the rest of the world.

Obama's Quiet Mission to Export Gay Rights Overseas
...mission to export the same freedoms overseas to places like sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and eastern Europe.
The U.S. has deployed its diplomats and spent tens of millions of dollars to try to block anti-gay laws, punish countries that enacted them, and tie financial assistance to respect for LGBTQ rights. It was a mission animated in part by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's declaration that "gay rights are human rights."
So, Hashem should have mercy on his children and place the onus squarely on those to blame for systematically spreading this spiritual cancer around the world. No mercy for them.


  1. It starts in America and it will end in America and the rest of the evil nations and reshaim will fall like dominoes after that
    She always had been very bad country since her creation of 1776 and a nation that opened her doors to many Jews after the shoah was a dream too good to be true because she ruined and spoiled them and they brought their influence into israel

    1. The Evangelical Christians think there will be another Holocaust in America. What they don't understand is...it already happened.

      Eisav has two faces represented by the "kiss" he gave Ya'aqov on their meeting in Eretz Yisrael. Our Sages debated whether it was a sincere kiss or whether he actually meant to bite Ya'aqov.

      I posit that both are true, that Eisav has a love-hate relationship with his brother, which has been exemplefied by how the Europeans (hate/bite) and the Americans (love/kiss) have related to their Jews.

      The hatred of European Christianity resulted in a physical holocaust that destroyed millions of Jews.

      The "love" of American Christianity in its wake has resulted in a spiritual holocaust that has destroyed millions of Jews, through assimilation and intermarriage. Even the so-called Torah-true Orthodox have not escaped the assimilation of Western values and culture.

      Like the survivors of the European Holocaust, the survivors of the American Holocaust will likely also be one from a family and two from a town.

    2. In reply to a previous blog,
      a suggstion for thinking "outside the box"
      Form a political Party.
      Call it Kedushah

    3. Anonymous, thanks for your suggestion.

  2. We are near to a very important event in Judaism, one of the most relevant times in Jewish history, the Tisha b’Av 5778. Why that? There are three issues to discuss here.
    First, Tisha b’Av 5778 falls on Friday-Saturday 20-21 July 2018, i.e. the Shabbat. We cannot fast during this Tisha b’Av, thus the fasting event is postponed to the next day. This may be a clear indication that the Tisha b’Av will become obsolete from now on.
    A second relevant idea is that Mashiach is born on Tisha b’Av. It means that he is empowered by Hashem to carry on his mission on this particular day. Outstanding events will be coming.
    Third, the 21-23 July 2018 days mark the beginning of the final period in human history, the last 222.22 year (under the tsadi sofit letter; Yeranen Yaakov has more info about it) before the end of this world in the year 6000, under the Jewish calendar.
    Coincidences? No! It’s all orchestrated by Hashem.

    1. Thank you Rami, I needed to hear this today. I am running out of hope. Today is my secular birthday (Jewish was 17 Tammuz)... This past Shabbos, 2 Av, was what would have been the 21st Hebrew birthday of my beautiful daughter who was nifteres on 22 Elul a month after her 18th birthday. She was a tzaddekes. I read about the toeva parades and cry tears of anger. I read your post and for the first time today cried tears of hope.

  3. Part one of my Derekh Eretz series is now posted! Devash's posts on the toevah invasion are just part of the "why."

    Part 2 (the final one) is about how we should handle people who don't extend to others the derekh eretz they expect from them.

    Naturally, my words are not the last - I'm not a rabbi or even a rabbanit - but I'm trying to create a space from which we can act to protest the evils that have descended on our Holy Land, based on the foundation of the Torah, which is derekh eretz.

    I hope there will be much discussion, both comments and articles, to deepen and widen the space further. At this point we have been bashed and considered the bad guys long enough.

  4. It's an understood that those leading the 'state' want to make it a mini U.S.A. They dominate the world by pushing democracy everywhere, etc., etc. What about the Oslo accords? With the xtian evangelicals doing their part by infiltrating everywhere and in everything in the Land, They are doing their utmost to bring in their avoda zora, etc. The leftists in Israel, together with the leftist Jewish liberals in the US help promote the abominations. We must continue exposing all this to the Jewish people in EY and everywhere. H' will not wait much longer and is giving us enough time to do teshuvah. Just a while longer and Moshiach must come!

  5. MSNBC reports: "With Batwoman series, TV may get its first leading lesbian superhero"

  6. Another report from MSNBC: "'Supergirl' to feature TV's first transgender superhero"