11 June 2018

What Is Planned for Israel?

28 Sivan 5778

In 2003, I attended a lecture that I wrote up afterwards and eventually posted to my blog ten years later in 2013. The title is not much different from the one above: "What the United States Intends for Israel."  No matter how it's worded, the question is still worth asking.

During that lecture, it was revealed that "over the next two years, America is going to 'take out all seven dictatorial regimes in the Middle East.'"
...The conquest was begun with Iraq and is to be followed by Iran, the groundwork for which is already being laid and which, according to Mr. Loftus, will be finished "by Spring", only to be followed in swift succession by Libya, N. Korea (which will be divied up to China), Syria and Lebanon. Since Jordan and Egypt are already on America's payroll, that only leaves Saudi Arabia which will have no other option, according to Mr. Loftus, but to fall into line. The plan is ostensibly to "liberate" all the democracy-starved hordes of the Middle-East and rebuild all the war-torn countries courtesy of the American taxpayer (to whom Israel is also beholden, reminds Mr. Loftus, lest we Jews ever forget), and create a climate in which "moderate Islam" can flourish.
In 2007, General Wesley Clark would go public with the same story...

Clearly the timetable is a bit skewed, but apparently, the plan still exists in some form. The whole world is glued to the media to see what will be with regard to North Korea as Kim and Trump meet in Singapore.

I can't help thinking that if it all goes to hell, and how can it not when you're talking about two egomaniacs, it will bode very ill for Israel. Because we are coming to "the end of Ramadan," the time that the US previously announced would herald the revelation of Trump's "deal of the century" peace plan. Just because it's gone into stealth mode, don't think for a moment that they have forgotten us.
Ambassador Friedman in Washington to Plan ‘Peace Deal of the Century’
US ambassador to Israel David Friedman has been called for urgent discussions on the Middle East peace plan at the White House and will therefore be absent from a conference of the American Jewish Committee in Jerusalem, Israel Hayom reported Sunday night.
...Confirming that he was away to discuss President Trump’s peace plan, which the latter once described as the “peace deal of the century,” the ambassador said at the start of the video that he is in Washington “in consultations on the administration’s evolving peace plan. Wish us luck.”
Friedman’s trip to the White House confirms many recent reports that the Trump administration is about to present its peace plan soon. Israel Hayom cited a source in the White House who intimated that “the plan is not yet ready but has entered its final stages.”
Consequently, I can't help thinking that if the North Korea talks fail to achieve immortality for Trump, the pressure will be unbearable to wring it out of Israel and the 'Palestinians.'

Four days ago, I was a bit stunned by this announcement via the Debka website: US to Boost It's Military Presence in Israel. As you already know from reading my blog, at last count, the US had eight military bases here in Israel. Now, another base has been established since the last count, so the current total is at least NINE.

US Army Opens Permanent Base in Southern Israel as Trump Slams Iran Deal - Sept. 19, 2017
Years in the making, Site 883 expands on long-standing and active ballistic missile defense cooperation.

If you imagine them prepared to become an occupying force like the Romans or the Greeks, or even the British, like I do, you begin to understand my concern.

Stay tuned...


  1. https://www.debka.com/us-to-boost-its-military-presence-in-israel-top-up-israels-advanced-arsenal/

    1. Ok, I see what it is. This is the one I saw and the other link goes to the subscription article so I can't access it. Thanks very much, Neshamah.

  2. https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:eCHqR7qL19cJ:https://www.debka.com/us-to-boost-its-military-presence-in-israel-top-up-israels-advanced-arsenal/+&cd=5&hl=de&ct=clnk&gl=de&client=opera

  3. I have been following this for years. The U. S. wants in. Israel wants foreign troops in to do the dirty work of destroying settlements. Globalists want troop exchanges for several reasons, including the blurring and eventual erasing of borders.

    John Kerry said this loud and clear in 2013.
    John Kerry's New Plan: Bring U. S. Troops into Israel

    Before this, everyone said I was crazy. People STILL can't wrap their heads around, and many of those who did believe that U. S. troops would actually be a good thing.

    The only possible good that could come out of this would be to get the handful (more?) of Jewish troops to stay in Israel and jump sides.

  4. Scoop: Kushner to visit Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia for peace plan talks

    President Trump's Middle East peace team, senior adviser Jared Kushner and special envoy Jason Greenblatt, will travel to Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia next week to discuss the next stages of the peace effort and the crisis in Gaza, a senior U.S. official tells me.

    Why it matters: The official said Kushner and Greenblatt want to discuss lingering questions they have as they finish drafting the peace plan, including the optimal time for launching it.